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How to cure depression?

Fuck the gym, if you are out of shape-take a trip to NYC! OMG I am in New York, I’ve been here for 4 days so far and I realize I am completely out of shape. Of course, this doesn’t come as a complete surprise but this is a complete fucking shame. I have just completely let myself go…..the past 5 years have been so rough on my spirit and life as a whole taking caring of myself properly has taken a back seat to surviving and  making it through with my sanity in tact. Now that I have survived, it feels like I have been holding my breath for fear of dying. I feel as if I have been sleep walking. New York has woken my ass up, my body has awaken, it aches from the miles of walking but at least I can feel something-even- if it is pain. Through pain comes personal development. That being said, nobody walks in Los Angeles, everything is too dam spread out, the sun shining all the time, the ability to wear flip-flops year around creates a creeping deception that life in l.a. is easy breezy but it isn’t. Los Angeles lulls you into false sense of security-New York awakens you to the  real raw truth even if it hurts!