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What you don’t like today, you’ll love tomorrow

I make it my business to give honor and praise where its due. People that come before and who have paved the way for your success should always be respected whether you agree with the way they walk in the world or not. But I’ll be damned if I’m gone diss somebody and then turn around and rock they style, see back in the day “Bite In” could and would get yo ass beat.

Now I wouldn’t waste my time fighting or arguing over someone who first talked mad shit about me and then turns around and bites me. Anyone taking the time to pay close enough attention to what you are wearing, doing and or saying is an admirer, even if they so-called don’t like you.

So to the Original Hip Hop Come-Hither Goddess  Lil Kim but the Triple OG  Libidinous Goddess is Millie Jackson…. history for all the Nikki fans. Omg, when I felt heard the lyric  ” I used to be scared of the Dick!”…… I was mortified until as the Old Heads say keep living and one day I completely understood.

How to find a nanny?

Mother Pulling Out Son's Bad Tooth

Delusion of Grandeur is what a lot of people suffer from. Television is the biggest in creating some of the biggest monsters. Take MTV Cribs-the show where they went into celebrity homes and they bragged and showed off all the shit they had. Now most ,if not all, were not born rich….. the one thing I noticed time and time again were the homes and many were  what I like to call track homes, in which, each one looks exactly the same that if you don’t recognize the car in the drive way-you might end up knocking on the wrong door. I said all this to say, that, if I had to put 2 and 2 together…. developers used MTV as a case study because smaller versions of these homes started popping up everywhere and regardless to your income-mini mansions became available for the average Joe. Now they weren’t made out of shit but who cares you got a mansion. This mind-set is one of the biggest factors in the crash of the housing markets.

Folks are bringing that same mentality to parenting. All these nanny shows and the constant celebrity obsession is causing folks to think they to can have and afford what the rich and wealthy have. I am about to break it down, if your feelings get hurt too bad. The bottom line is most hard working Americans cannot afford a nanny. Here’s why…. Now I visited the site and was shocked and applaud at the rate of pay being offered to help these parents. Looking through these ads I thought to myself these people most be crazy…..

At $13 per hour, this one ad wanted the person to work from 2-7 Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri,  from 1-6 on Wed and on Sat from 9am-?. You are reading it right on Saturdays you don’t even know what time you get off.  Now for $13, they want you to pick up their kids from school (sometime), they want you to help the kid do homework, they want you to prep meals, and they want you to do laundry. All this for $13 an hour.  Ok so that is 5  days a week times 5 hours a day, and lets just plug in 8hours on Saturday, now that comes up to 25+8=33 hours a week times $13 an hour and your grand rate of pay $429 if uncle sam doesn’t get you. So for $429, you are a driver, an educator, a fluff and fold service, and a chef. Now they could hire a teenager to do all this things, but could they handle all the responsibilities? And we haven’t even discussed car insurance and gas.

Please don’t bring that subprime  mentality to the caring of children. These people cannot afford a driver, a private educator, cleaning server, and a chef so they need to watch their own dam children or pay someone accordingly to reduce the chances of someone abusing their children out of resentment!

3 tips to stop bullying? and what’s wrong with the world?

Muthafuckas that don’t like themselves-is what is wrong with the world! I am not talking about the ones who have insecurities but can somehow find something that they like about themselves- that- they walk in the world with a form of confidence that they are able to navigate this world without fucking with people on “The Principal”- that they like themselves, the opposite is the cause of bullying.

Now hear me clearly, bullying is just not relegated to school campuses throughout the world, lest we not forget the “corporate “or  “the on the job bullying”- that goes on because, “muthafuckas” don’t like themselves or the proverbial, “She Thank She Cute!”-mindset-more like mental fuckin illness, the lowlife self-esteem of all the bitches who gave me hell, cause they asses wasn’t fortified at home. Now, I suffered some of the same injustices and abuses as many others but that Jhedi Mind Tricking Daddy of mine was like a drill sergeant in the Navy Seals, when it came to the social programing of, ” You better learn to like yourself, don’t come in here acting like nobody else, you betta learn to be your damself!” This indoctrination aint good in certain circles if you aint the complying kind of person.

Anyway, so I began to talk with another parent at my son’s school and she began to tell me how her daughter had been bullied at school for a long period of time. To make a long story short, she had to threaten the school administration with criminal and legal actions against the girl who had been bullying her daughter. Now juxtapose that to 2 rogue parents who entered the school and escaped administrative detection and went straight into their child’s class and confronted their child’s bully, I’m paraphrasing, “Keep fuckin wit mine and you gon git your ass beat!” Was it appropriate NO! But is was effective.

Had that been me, I would have called a meeting with school administration, explained my concerns, scheduled a later meeting with said bully’s parents, the teacher and the school administration. Once the final meeting took place, I would raise the issue of the said- bully being a victim of being bullied or abused himself in or out of the home, once all concerns and issues were addressed, whether through grittin my teeth or maybe outspokenly, depending on my state of mind that day, me and my Ex Husband, would tell the said bully parents, “yall can meet both of us outside in the parking lot and we can go fists to cuff” or we can go knuckle up and guard ya grill!……if they……… as parents…..couldn’t love they child enough to at least teach they chile to like one dam thing about themself that they aint got to be coming to school fucking wit other peoples’ kids……I’m just saying.

As a result, of the 2 factual scenarios, and my factual response to my hypothetical scernario…..October 20th through the 24th, 2014 is Anti-Bullying Week at my sons’ school.

We will discuss them grown ass ratbastards that come to work fucking wit everybody cuss they don’t like themselves!-Later

The greatest tip to improve your child’s math skills?

I just left a parent meeting for 7th grade parents and during what was supposed to be an ice breaker a parent complained that the work his son was receiving in Math class was too easy, so after spending sometime listening to the parent and the dialogue that began during the supposed ice breaker, I began to try to explain the new Core curriculum of the state of California and their revamped learning approach to teaching math. That being said, Ms. K the Dean of Academics, walked her ass in the room, I will explain my saltiness another time, any way, I presented the concern of the parent and his desires to have his son put in an advanced class and she began to explain that the new Core called for students of all levels to be intermingled rather than segregated because children learn better with all levels in a class.

So she asked if there was a difference between 11×2 and 2×11, I said, yes, she responded, what is the difference, I answered IDK……she went on to ask……. what is the difference from 2 houses with 11 bedrooms and 11 houses with 2 bedrooms, that sparked a conversation……. and square feet was thrown in the conversation as well as  class and privlege. I became excited, because the new approach in math was the one I had been adevocating for- since I was young, 3 out of 30 students were able to understand the old way of learning math, while the 27 of us would be lost, frustrated, and eventually ignored because our brains did not process information the way the Golden 3 did. I remember dam near cussing out my Math teachers for failing me on tests and school work because I had got the right answer, however, I didnt follow the steps of the teacher or the so-called formula. Eventually I would lose the debate, because who was I to challenge a teacher and all the theory formula Gods.

“Tell me why my answer caint be accepted because I did’nt get the answer your way?”…….was always my challenge, hell nobody shuda told me there is more than one way to skin a cat and many roads lead to the same destination but somehow that theory did’nt apply to Math. Umph, well I be damed 20 years later my question is not only valid, it is relevant. So to all the fucked up Math teachers that told the Misfit 27 that we were dumb and stupid and that discouraged me from being interested in Math you can suck my ass! In that order as Scrappyz mama would say! I told Ms. K, that even though it took them 20 years to figure it out, they were better late than never.