What you don’t like today, you’ll love tomorrow

I make it my business to give honor and praise where its due. People that come before and who have paved the way for your success should always be respected whether you agree with the way they walk in the world or not. But I’ll be damned if I’m gone diss somebody and then turn around and rock they style, see back in the day “Bite In” could and would get yo ass beat.

Now I wouldn’t waste my time fighting or arguing over someone who first talked mad shit about me and then turns around and bites me. Anyone taking the time to pay close enough attention to what you are wearing, doing and or saying is an admirer, even if they so-called don’t like you.

So to the Original Hip Hop Come-Hither Goddess  Lil Kim but the Triple OG  Libidinous Goddess is Millie Jackson…. history for all the Nikki fans. Omg, when I felt heard the lyric  ” I used to be scared of the Dick!”…… I was mortified until as the Old Heads say keep living and one day I completely understood.

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