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you cannot ask for anything you are unwilling to give

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As, the Michael Brown shooting and Grand Jury verdict came in, I almost didn’t even understand why I was watching the verdict because I knew the Grand Jury would not indict Officer Wilson of anything. Police Officer’s have a right to kill and until their right to kill is rescinded-they gone be killing rather the killing is just or unjust-they put their lives on the line to defend and keep everyday people safe, while I do believe it is beyond sad that a mother lost her son over something-if the rumors are true-that was valued as less than $1 speaks volumes for the value of black folks.

However, I refuse to hold anyone else accountable for the value placed on black bodies,  as if-black folks themselves value the lives of black folks-when we stop killing each other, when the rage that we feel caused by black on black crime and violence reaches the feverish pitches that causes cities to flame then and only then will I expect any other group of individuals to respect the life of black people.

Black folks are fucking hypocrites, always pointing outward yet, seldom addressing the ELEPHANTS in the room. Always talking about white folks and the role they played in enslaving black folks, let me remind any one with ears to listen….. that no white man in stockings, wigs, and heels…. ran through the jungles and fields capturing black bodies….. black folks captured other black bodies and handed them over to white folks in exchange for shit as worthless as a mirror!

I remind my son on a regular, “You can get killed over a dawn now and later!”

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Internet discovery

Hello, to everyone…..reading my blog. I apologize for any and all technical difficulties. I am a tech novice to say the least, I put this blog together by myself after getting frustrated with wanting everything to be perfect and after being ignored by web designers because I did not have a big budget-I created the site myself.

At first, I set my site up with, Bluehost and WordPress and then I switched over to Go daddy along with WordPress. I stopped being scared about being remedial in technology and used my frustration and downloaded a theme with WordPrI later added Duquis to capture comments and I’m on a learning curve trying to even find where my comments laid, so please do not think I am ignoring you.

Things are not perfect, I would like to thank Sheldon and Jessica for their comments and I welcome all others, thanks for the advice and feedback. Please be patient and I will fix the glitches. For more help and resources http://how to make a blog-step by steo for beginners! Don’t wait for things to be perfect just jump in. Even if you can’t swim, don’t panic- stay calm…. let go and relax….. you will float. Isn’t that amazing!

Practice makes better.


The age of New Sex

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Last Friday (11/13/2014)  I watched 20/20 with a show  called New Sex and it confirmed what I have been talking about for weeks, that 46% of the average American woman is unsatisfied with her sex life. It was an interesting show, especially the segment where women were using strange men to in pregnant them-apparently, it is cheaper than going to a sperm bank. One married man with a family had secretly bred over 30 children….. he spoke as if it were his civic duty. He is about as creepy as the men who frequent the hoe stroll with baby car seats in their cars vying for blow jobs.

No value judgments here….. people want to have better sex lives and they want babies. I understand….. the thought of not liking someone for another 10 to 15 years… will make me strangle myself. Oh, I only like someone and or my heart only opens up every 10 years for love, which is why, I’m often sexually deprived…..fuck….what women on this planet are sexually satisfied in complete feminine bliss because if Tinder and  secretly fucking strangers to get a baby is the way to go…. there has to be someone who can point us in an alternative direction that helps keep our dignity and enhance our power as women….. stayed tuned, I’m going to find out. I want to say that some where in Asia women can go to the doctor and get orgasms…… let me do my research????

I only say this because I remember watching a show something like 20/20 and they showed women going to the doctor to be sexually released by a doctor.

If you know about the make me cum doctors in Asia, leave a comment below.

agbon omi ati oyin, coconut water and honey

Your head is the most divine, you alone have all the answers to your own questions. Ask your head to lead you to your greatest and highest good, may it always lead you to the path of your greatest character, may it lead you to right thinking so that you will have a life of abundance, may your head lead you to sweetness in life so that bitterness will not take hold of your thoughts.

If you have been consumed with negative thoughts for too long rinse your hair with fresh coconut water (as your pour the coconut water on your head and rub it through your hair-pray) let it sit on your hair for at least 5 minutes or more. As you sit with the coconut water on your head, take deep breaths-inhaling and exhaling-rinse with warm water and shampoo your hair as normal.

If you have been plagued with bitterness put honey in your hair ( as you put the honey throughout your entire head pray and be careful not to get it in your eye because it will burn your eyes, although it will burn, it will also clean your eyes) once you have saturated your entire head, let it sit on your hair for 5 minutes, you will be amazed at the difference in your hair, rinse and shampoo as normal.

You can do both, if you like and shampoo as usual after both treatments, notice the difference -you will feel, lighter, centered, relaxed and happy.

If you are ever so angry and cannot calm done rinse your head and hair with cool water, it will soothe you immediately.

* If you are allergic to either honey and or coconut avoid both treatments all together.*

Do you feel like you could fuck 3 men and still not be satisfied



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Dick Diets??? What is a Dick Diet? Dick Diets can be self-imposed, a result of consequences or used as a form of punishment-disguised as behavior modification. There are countless women on Dick Diets, many of them married. Sometimes you are put on this diet because you have violated some rule or conduct of behavior by your lover, boyfriend, or husband. This starvation diet is only effective if your lover, boyfriend, etc…has Good Dick and or if you only have access to one Good Dick. And other times you end up on this diet because your lover simply caint fuck but has other assets that for a period of time can over compensate for their piss poor ass performance in Bed.

I’ve mainly been on self-imposed Dick Diets, over the years, I have had long bouts of abstinence-sometimes going for years without sex, sometimes out of frustration but more often than not because I wanted to focus on myself. By no means am I fridget, I have the capabilities of turning myself on and can reach to the tipping point of an organism admiring myself in a sexy outfit and by simply stretching and dancing. I’ve just been reluctant-letting this energy-run wild!

At this age, I am uncertain-no change that I refuse to go years without having sex I almost lost my damn mind the last time I starved my body and my spirit of sexual pleasures. More importantly, when you go to long without sex and when you finally become sexually active you increase your chances of ending up with some jerk out of desperation.  Although, I have purposely reframed from sex, for long periods of time, I hadn’t been able to articulate the experience and or its usefulness, until I had read it perfectly described in the book, “Hot House Flower and the 9 plants of desire” by Margot Berwin, in which, the author vividly illustrates the life-cycle of a  Sinsemilla aka Cannabis Sativa plant and I swear, it mimics the torture I experience,during my bouts with abstinence.

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How to reinvent yourself?

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At a certain point in your life, you begin to realize that everyone did not grow up like you, that what other people learned in their homes you may not have learned in yours. Because, I come from a pretty unorthodox background, I didn’t place a lot of value judgments on the way other people lived their lives because I had sense enough to know that everyone has a story behind their behaviors.

I had a friend in junior high school and she was what they labeled as, “Fast”, not one to allow labels to defy me, I became friends with her. During our friendship, she stole jewelry from my home and another friends home. We were ordered to stop hanging out with her. That was not an issue because she got kicked out of the school we all went to shortly after her petty theft. Although, she had stolen from my home, I never viewed her as a thief.

Over the years, we have lost touch and reconnected, and it was during our time, as young adults that I started visiting her home and discovered money would come up missing out of my purse, I made no mention of it the first time, however, after, the second theft, I brought it to her attention. I knew not to accuse her because she was beyond petty theft and was involved in bigger systems of thievery .

At the time, I was in one of my broke seasons and after witnessing me struggling, she asked me to join her crew. I told her- no- thank you-she asked again and I told her no again. I told her that I did not agree with her illegal activities and more importantly, I reminded her of her talents, her brilliant mind and her beauty. Despite being a thief, she was a wonderful single mother. I asked her, “Who is going to take care of your daughter if you go to prison?” And at that moment, a light bulb came on in her head.

She didn’t stop stealing right away, however, over time she gave up her life of crime and began to change her life for the better. My friend had learned all of her criminal behaviors from her family members, whom were supposed to care for her, after her mother abandoned her due to a crack cocaine habit. I later learned that it was my friend’s daughter, who had been stealing money out of my purse years earlier. Although, they both struggled with unlearning patterns of destructive behavior-she has raised a phenomenal woman, who is a college graduate and has a great career in finance.

And my friend makes more than most people I know with advanced degrees, 6 figures annually- all legal. The labels that are placed on you just may not be true.

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How to prevent a mental meltdown and or recover from one?

I’m a liar, more like an exaggerater, absent minded or as my Yeye,often called me ” Spastic”…..I think she was light weight calling me retarded/slow. I’ll take it, true that, I’m low-grade Aussie Bossy (High Functioning Asperger) and I’m Dyslexic, all of which have been undiagnosed but back in the day-they weren’t checking for these types of things. I believe we all fall under a certain category of any and all Special Needs Categories regardless, even if we are high functioning.

Anyway, I said, all that to say, that although, I have had a lot of Bad Gigs, my most rewarding and most fabulous jobs are when I worked with children, especially when I worked for Women and Children with disabilities and special needs. Again, I like to think of myself as the horse whisperers of people with “Special Needs” and again, I was given the name, “Leader of the Seedy Underworld”, because, I can easily relate to things and people society are most afraid of….. the so-called….. freaks, geeks, weirdos, criminals, trouble-makers……etc.

Now hear me clearly, I myself, may not indulge in the behaviors or activities of such labeled folks but I do speak and understand their language-as I do, people with special needs. I worked as a Parenting Instructor for many years and while I may not recite stories of my past experiences because as a social service worker, I am mandated to confidentiality agreements, however I must publicly say that I was superb as a Parenting Instructor and it was the job I loved and was most passionate about.

I take children very seriously….. and being a Parent is the hardest, often times, a Thank Less Job, in the whole wide world, (as your own children can and will be RUTHLESS Crumb Snatchers)…. let me remind you-you are a HERO and they watch you endlessly, this is how they play Jedi Mind Tricks on you and can drive you to drink if you let them.

If you are experiencing  hard times, and or have lost your zest for life do something with children (preferably someone else’s if you have your own, to regain your objectivity), throw a party for the neighborhood children, play with children, read a child a book, spend time with them, reconnect with your  own inner child and I promise you, you will feel joy and bliss. Please be sincere, children can smell flakiness a mile away. Children are bringers of good fortune, please treat them well!

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The high cost of foreign policy?

Studio shot of naked young woman smoking

I stayed in Harlem when I went to New York so  and many of the dudes in that area remind me of Black Rob and that song Whoa! I almost got into trouble on my way out, the last 4 days- I was there I was around some of the sexiest, good looking men, it restored my hope because the only guys for almost a month I saw that were yummy were white boys, dam the white boys got major Swag in NYC and I can’t say that about L.A. white boys as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of fine white boys in L.A. but I have never wanted to put any of them in the “He can get it” category if you know what I mean.

This trip back to New York was way different, I had fun….I enjoyed myself. The last time I was in New York was some years ago –I had gone with my husband at the time and he was acting like a lunatic because he didn’t have any weed. It was a nightmare he kept cussing me out because I had refused to put weed wrapped in plastic wrap up my vagina to get it through the airport and on the plane. I have yet to have a tampax in my pussy, yet some how I was supposed to be willing to traffic drugs in my pussy from Los Angeles to NYC. He acted such a dam fool, I almost wished I had but the visual of a big ass growling german Shepard barking with saliva running down his mouth with his nose pointed at my vagina was enough to scare me straight. He’ll Naw.

This time in NYC, I read Pearle Cleage’s  book ,”All The Things I Should Have Told My Daughter ” and she talks about getting stoned and writing. I mostly loved all the Bruce Springsteen concerts she writes about. I was fascinated by her ability to get stoned. I’ve smoked weed before but most of the time it was a waste of time because I never felt europhic or felt high like most weed heads. Weed makes me feel intense and think too much, shit I’m intense sober so imagine its strength on weed-its a super hero. That being said, I have continued over the years to try weed every blue moon.

The only weed that made me happy, as if I took a happy pill was Thai Bud from Thailand, that shit was bomb digidee. All you wanted to do was smile. I started smoking it at work when I worked for Ticketmaster. Yep, that’s right, the Quality Assurance Manager, the very one who used to listen to our calls and hound us like an overseer was the Dope Man…… more like Dope Girl. That job was so stressful, you wouldn’t believe -but it wasn’t until ; I went down to work on the 6th floor, the New York call center, that I learned this secret and was able to feel and understand what it meant to get HIGH!!!

I don’t know what trade embargo the US put against Thailand and why the weed stopped but Mexico became the major supplier of weed, which brought in that dam Chronic, yuk! For the most part, I have been afraid to do drugs which is why I didn’t go past weed. Once Crack hit the scene and I saw what it did to people, I was completely turned off from the idea that you worked from sun up to sun down chasing rocks and that just seemed like way too much work and all the jobs you had to be willing to take and perform really scared me straight. Plus all the crazy stories that have been told to me by people who’ve taken serious drugs and it leaves me asking, ” If you encountered all of that, why get high?”

I will explain later……..