Do you feel like you could fuck 3 men and still not be satisfied



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Dick Diets??? What is a Dick Diet? Dick Diets can be self-imposed, a result of consequences or used as a form of punishment-disguised as behavior modification. There are countless women on Dick Diets, many of them married. Sometimes you are put on this diet because you have violated some rule or conduct of behavior by your lover, boyfriend, or husband. This starvation diet is only effective if your lover, boyfriend, etc…has Good Dick and or if you only have access to one Good Dick. And other times you end up on this diet because your lover simply caint fuck but has other assets that for a period of time can over compensate for their piss poor ass performance in Bed.

I’ve mainly been on self-imposed Dick Diets, over the years, I have had long bouts of abstinence-sometimes going for years without sex, sometimes out of frustration but more often than not because I wanted to focus on myself. By no means am I fridget, I have the capabilities of turning myself on and can reach to the tipping point of an organism admiring myself in a sexy outfit and by simply stretching and dancing. I’ve just been reluctant-letting this energy-run wild!

At this age, I am uncertain-no change that I refuse to go years without having sex I almost lost my damn mind the last time I starved my body and my spirit of sexual pleasures. More importantly, when you go to long without sex and when you finally become sexually active you increase your chances of ending up with some jerk out of desperation.  Although, I have purposely reframed from sex, for long periods of time, I hadn’t been able to articulate the experience and or its usefulness, until I had read it perfectly described in the book, “Hot House Flower and the 9 plants of desire” by Margot Berwin, in which, the author vividly illustrates the life-cycle of a  Sinsemilla aka Cannabis Sativa plant and I swear, it mimics the torture I experience,during my bouts with abstinence.

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