The age of New Sex

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Last Friday (11/13/2014)  I watched 20/20 with a show  called New Sex and it confirmed what I have been talking about for weeks, that 46% of the average American woman is unsatisfied with her sex life. It was an interesting show, especially the segment where women were using strange men to in pregnant them-apparently, it is cheaper than going to a sperm bank. One married man with a family had secretly bred over 30 children….. he spoke as if it were his civic duty. He is about as creepy as the men who frequent the hoe stroll with baby car seats in their cars vying for blow jobs.

No value judgments here….. people want to have better sex lives and they want babies. I understand….. the thought of not liking someone for another 10 to 15 years… will make me strangle myself. Oh, I only like someone and or my heart only opens up every 10 years for love, which is why, I’m often sexually deprived…..fuck….what women on this planet are sexually satisfied in complete feminine bliss because if Tinder and  secretly fucking strangers to get a baby is the way to go…. there has to be someone who can point us in an alternative direction that helps keep our dignity and enhance our power as women….. stayed tuned, I’m going to find out. I want to say that some where in Asia women can go to the doctor and get orgasms…… let me do my research????

I only say this because I remember watching a show something like 20/20 and they showed women going to the doctor to be sexually released by a doctor.

If you know about the make me cum doctors in Asia, leave a comment below.

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