You won’t me sucking Dick on the corner?


Seeing pink elephants

Iya Modupe, my aunt has a catchy greeting when you ask her how she’s doing? And it’s been a great source of inspiration. She often responds, by saying, ” I’m one step away from the hoe stroll!” “Bout to be an old hoe?” Now hear me clearly, she wasn’t serious but she was serious! Add my Yeye to the mix and her favorite line was and still is ” By Hook or Crook!”, Oh so,  not only- are we -willing to sell ass, we robbing too? My mother and my Aunt are both law-abiding citizens and neither have the temperament to be prostitutes (they way too ignorant, a john might get they ass beat for putting sweaty balls on their chins) and they would make terrible inmates!

The apple don’t fall far from the tree so over the years, when I find myself in tight spots or I can’t seem to get the molasses out my ass, I have a little pep talk with myself and I say to myself, “You won’t me sucking Dick on the corner?” I quickly, respond, “NO!” Honestly, for a slight minute, I ask myself, “Could you really do it!” and I have to face reality-I have a bad attitude so prostituting is out of the question but I’ve met many men who tell me if they had a PUSSY they would never be broke!

So I said, all this to say that you have to be careful what you say because during  one of my pep talk days, the funniest and strangest thing happened. I was having some cash flow issues and the guy I was dating had decided to try and use some behavior modifications tactics on me, ( I will explain those shenanigans later and clarify further why Dick Diets are badddd) anyway that Ratbastard lost his mind and I had to go out and purchase a new phone and get a new phone number and what do you know.

I received the number of a prostitute who had ads on Craigslist with a heavy clientage who was a mother of an elementary school boy who was also on public assistance-I not only received calls  from her “Dudes”  but everybody and they mama as Yeye would say looking for her and willing to tell me all her  business; despite me telling all the callers they had the wrong number. My new phone rang off the hook for weeks, when I told the Johns, I wasn’t in the business, they still propositioned me. So there I was with a clientele already made up for me waiting for the opportunity to literally be sucking Dick for money! That day, I had to tell the Universe I wasn’t serious and had a great big belly aching laugh!

And to this day, I at least get 2 calls a month and sometimes random pictures of men looking for a good time! Now hear me clearly, I am an advocate for sex workers, I myself just don’t have the correct disposition needed for the job!

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