Is your weak vagina the cause of your unhappiness?

Dark and shadowy close up beauty shot of woman with glossy lips and strands of wet hair falling across the face


Magic City was the first male strip club I had ever gone to when I went to visit my cousin’s in Atlanta. Magic City is like a Dance Club that just so happens to have strippers. That night was wild and fun, I ordered a lap dance for my then husband-we had a ball.

Strip clubs in L.A. are different,they are not off-limits to women-I just think of them as sacred spaces for men. From what the homies tell me, they’re the places men like to go to relax and eat chicken wings-they swear “Stars” strip club has the best chicken wings. Others have said they like to go for the tricks the women do. I’ve had men tell exciting stories of one stripper being able to make a roll of quarters disappear inside her vagina- releasing and staking them one by one on the dance floor.

Now imagine the wonder and awe it sparked in me hearing this story and how shocked I was when I learned that women are willing to pay upwards of $5000 (or valued up to $5000) to have their vaginal issues resolved. I’ve said it before and will say it -again-every man, I know has said to me,” If They Had a Pussy, They Would Never Be Broke!

What do you think about the topic. Leave a comment below. Peace and Blessings!

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  1. ReplyFO

    You learn everyday! Seems the lady coaches on how to revive sexless relationships. The clip on tips to making vagina stronger makes giggle, I bet there's someone somewhere is teaching men to lighten their penis too -

    • Replyoyomike8

      I like to think I am a free open woman, however, even I blushed and giggled. As much as it made me giggle and it made me feel slightly uncomfortable because of my own unawareness I felt compelled to share because of sexless relationships. Hmmm, is there someone teaching men to lighten their penises.... more giggles...... do we want me to lighten their penises?

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