Poverty Pimping!

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I recently found out about another diabolical organization clocked in helping and improving the lives of black women. The only thing going on in this nationally recognized organization is ” Poverty Pimping!” I got out of the social services game because I got tired of poverty pimping…..I spent most of my own salary caring for and making my clients’ goals a reality. I have watched over and over agency after agency non-profit after non-profit collect money for programs and leave their clients hanging.

I’ve watched owners and founders of organization collect money in the name of women and children and not want to spend a dime on services for them. Many of the poverty pimps have people in the community fooled as if they are good stewards, their reputation give them status… truth be told, they ain’t shit and it has been far too long that I have been silent about it. Many of these organizations pay fines for their violations yet they continue to get funding.

At the end of the day, you are impacting lives, it’s not like selling shoes, social services is supposed to be about making peoples’ lives better. They are no shortages of impoverished people, there will always be someone in need. The idea of keeping a person down so that you can receive money without providing something of value in return is ruthless! And the cold thing about it, is there are so many women at the head and helm of these organizations.

I usually check these folks personally hoping that their behavior would change but it doesn’t. The one thing that happens is that they usually hang themselves with their own greed but often times never enough to put them out of business. I worked for one agency that paid dawn near $70,000 in fines in 1 year. They were making so much money that the Program Manager lived in the Hollywood Hills next to A-list Hollywood stars.

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