Why can’t people just follow directions

I read an old post on a blog I sometimes read and for the life of me I could not understand why regardless of the tone of the author -folks wanted to dismiss the solutions given by the author because of his so-called condescending tone. The prevailing argument of being a sell out makes me cringe because who in their right mind wants to be a starving artist? What is so honorable in suffering if you don’t have to? What is up with the mind-set that we will be rewarded in the afterlife…. what if…. you only spend 10 minutes in the afterlife saying hi to all your dead relatives only to return back to earth as a cockroach, hiding in the crevices avoiding being sprayed by Raid!!!????…..The comments were closed so I couldn’t get clarification on the lay man meaning of one of his solutions.

After reading the comments, I clicked on a couple of links in the comment section and I was lead to this Artist to know in 2015, now I do not usually prescribe to being told what to like and or listen to, yet when I had to compare this list to the  The Most Anticipated Releases of 2015, I had to admit to liking the Huffington Post picks- best.

Here are my favorite 3 of the 25, along with an old school throw back tribute, an old school original from the Triple OG’s, plus some of my own favorite flavors. In celebration and thanksgiving to all who create much-needed solutions to problems I offer you a dance….. enjoy.

P.S. Leave the professional moves to the professionals and let their movements inspire you to dance your way!








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