Does a penis have medicinal properties?

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I once had a lover named Mike and he was exquisite at love making so much so that he phone rang of the hook. Having sex with Mike felt as if he was giving my vagina a massage. During those moments I felt complete bliss and utter satisfaction. However, 2 to 3 days after having sex with Mike, I would begin to feel an overwhelming sadness that would make me weep for days. Each time we had sex, the same phenomena would happen and it became a cycle and a pattern.

I began to talk to my girlfriends about the situation and we all agreed Mike was depositing his negative emotions inside of me. Let’s face it Mike had Good Dick but his emotions and energy were so negatively charged I could not stand to be around him after 2 days, so I would cause a fight and he would get upset and I would be free of him for a while until I would grow weak and he would chase me down and I would go get my fix.

I was young and although, I did not fully understand what was happening to me when I was with Mike, I was certain I did not like the way it made me feel and eventually I broke up with him. This experience with Mike and some other variations of unnerving experiences is why I would remain celibate for years but that to was no healthier than the eerie deposits that led to feeling off-balanced and crazy.

And so as promised I have found Dr. Fix My Horny, he comes with nontraditional methods in his bag of medicinal tools.  He clearly articulates in this interview what I have been feeling for years. The Magic Power of the Penis!

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