How to self soothe without self medicating?



The Gods love to play practical jokes, just when you think, you have everything mapped out and planned they pull a fast one on you. I am grappling with a frustrating situation and or as they say in West Africa ” a peculiar mess” that being said I am in severe need to soothe myself with male energy.

So, I send my friend Reggie a text saying,  ” Is school getting better for you? I was sitting here thinking about who has the better juiciest sexy lips-you or Derek Luke and or what bowl of soup I would prefer to be if I were to be blown on by either of you. Please forgive me in advance, I’m having a moment!”

I love a beautiful pair of lips….” Soup Coolers” are their affectionate name. Reggie has a pair of juicy billowy lips, plump and ripe-just the right size of bigness. We have been friends since we were kids and it took him until we were grown grown to make a move on me….. that kiss caused an eruption as if we were a Lakers game……. those lips not only look and taste like the outside of the chocolate on one of those Hagen Daaz ice cream bars….. his lips are as soft and sweet as the Vanilla Ice Cream inside.

I take a deep sigh, close my eyes, and think about all the men I know or don’t know personally who have sensual lips….. the kind….. where you just want to suck the bottom of their lips and feel pure satisfaction. I’m too old to suck a bottle but not a bottom lip….. to all the mothers of the world who have created and given birth to men with lips to heal and soothe…….I thank you……..Mo dupe!

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  1. ReplyFO

    Whao, from Sunny Ade to Modupe - E ku'se on Yoruba o! And I second that line of thoughts - thanking 'the mothers of the world who have given birth to men with lips heal and soothe...' Ha, and fathers too given it takes two...

    • Replyoyomike8

      E Ku abo, you are so correct, I was thinking of my Baba when I thought of King Sunny Ade, my father loved to play his music and as I wrote this post, I kept hearing the songs my father played in my head.....I think wonderful lips and great music go together. Yes, without the fathers, nothing can happen. I have my father to thank for a great pair of lips!

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