She Thank She Cute


If I had a dollar for every time I heard, ” She Thank She Cute!”, I would be rich. What the hell is that supposed to mean? As Kathy’s body hung over the rail, Mr. Kearney begged me to put her down and let her go-but I refused. I was enraged, I had been suspended from school too many times for fighting already and enough was enough…. as I held Kathy by her shirt, I began to say to her….. What did I ever do to you, what! I thank I’m Cute! What the hell Am I Supposed to think, you picked a fight with me over what -I have never even had a conversation with you let alone an argument!”

Once I released Kathy she stared at me in horror, the group of girls who stood by watching looked even more horrified when I began to approach them all. I told them, ” I am tired of this shit, line up and I will fight each one of you stupid bitches one by one because this is the last time I’m going to be out of school over some dumb shit, you want to fight me because I thank I’m cute well you should think something of your dam self, don’t come to school fucking wit me cause yo mama and daddy don’t edify you!”

They all stood with their mouths open, ” Let’s go Mr. Kearney so we can get this over with!” I got suspended again. Was that my last fight , I wish I could say, it was. I didn’t have another fight with anyone at my school but I did continue to have to fight because, ” She Thank She Cute!”

I couldn’t understand why girls were so mean and competitive…..I was the only girl, I didn’t have sisters growing up so I never had to compete with anyone else and although I used to cry when I was little because I wanted a sister -eventually I got over not having one because not only was I the only girl-I was the first born which made me even more special-so I learned how to carry myself as the first and only and I annihilated that feeling that made me cry because I did not have a sister-I killed that I’m missing something spirit!


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