The #1 cure for a headache!


I was lying in my bed sleep when I first heard this song and the horn sections’- vibration and frequency hypnotically

aroused my sheets until I could no longer sleep or ignore Jill Scott’s voice. I finally submitted and sat straight up in

my bed in a trance as if I were sitting before a Cobra and as I listened to her words I understood immediately that

she was not talking about fighting over a man but rather she was making a declaration about someone intruding on

her inner space of feeling good, relishing in her own beauty, sexiness and complete bliss that glows like the moon on

a fall night, from the after effects of Divine Vitamin D. As I listened intently I felt a  reawakening of my own feminine

bliss and I could not deny my own delicious sweet juiciness as I began to recall my  lovers that gave me a glide in

my stride and a pep in my step!

Once you get a certain age not fucking or getting dick or a regular basis causes to many problems…..ya dam neck be

hurting, I’m talking knots harder to untie than the boys scouts, your head, your back. I’m wondering does it lead to

the onset of dementia cause you caint think straight-it just lends itself to sheer craziness.


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