Why you need to understand the first rule in business!


1944, El Salvador --- Women make sleeping mats, called petate, and floor mats from tule --- Image by © Luis Marden/National Geographic Creative/Corbis

It’s business it aint personal!


I finally saw the documentary, “Murder Rap Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders” and all I got to say is they need to change the word ” Snitchin” to ” Telling” cause them negros in that documentary was telling it all. Just plain diarrhea of the mouth, supposedly loose lips sink ships but not in this case the more they was telling the more so many of them were exonerated of their crimes! And the only thing I could think of is why the hell is my cousin Derrick still in prison?

I remember when the whispers started in the family about my cousin Derrick and what he was doing. I remember the day my grandmother told him to ” leave that nigga alone!” after he got into a fight in her front yard with a dude named after one the Disney’s Seven Dwarf’s who was supposed to be his friend and homie. I might have been young but I knew the nigga was suspect the first day I laid eyes on his ass, he had a perm with rollers in his head. How you gon be hard-gang banging with curlers in your head and I knew from that day forward he would be detrimental to Derrick-he was warned but he didn’t listen.

ca. December 1994, Cerro Verde National Park, El Salvador --- Branch of Coffee Tree in El Salvador --- Image by © Peter Guttman/CORBIS

Back in the day you could snitch on the homies and still catch jail time. Just ask that nigga who snitched on my cousin and the rest of the homies how much time he got- he got life-like everybody else, so how these new negros escape jail time is beyond me, no I stand corrected, they are able to tell on a friend through the RICO Law loop holes.

I was young when my cousin Derrick went to jail, hell he was young. My beautiful handsome cousin with his dipped in honey dark brown glaze complexion was 18 years when he was arrested. He escaped and was later captured at 19 years old. It’s ironic that Ron Newt broke out the same prison I had once visited my cousin in some twenty years ago. But Ron Newt was free and negros were now having viewing parties all of the nation from stolen stories of his life. Again Ron Newt was free and Negros was on a turn up watching ” Empire”, while my cousin was in solitary. It brings to mind how Gabor Mate talks about the very people who were abused as children are the ones who end up in prison and my cousin had experienced unspeakable abuse so there’s no wonder he ended up a wild boy.

10 Jul 2012, El Salvador --- Central America, El Salvador, Quezaltepeque: Kids toys inside the especial cell block that hosuesvmothers and living with their children at the Quezaltepeque which houses only members of the Barrio 18 gang. --- Image by © Juan Carlos/Corbis

I just don’t understand how you lock boys up, teens up for the rest of their lives when you know that the entire crack epidemic was plotted and planned and the young black  boys from Southern California were nothing short of boy soldiers no different from the African boys used all throughout Africa to fight wars. How is it that the children from the continent could get sympathy from people continents away but black boys here are looked as thugs, criminals, and throw aways when their behaviors mimics the leaders of the world.

I often wonder about all the boys from El Salvador who came to the United States fleeing from the civil war there only to have to learn to gang bang to stay alive here in Los Angeles. Later to be deported back to El Salvador years after  they had forgotten their homeland. The system dumped them back in a land that was worse off than what they left as children and you wonder why these same men who were once children take to criminal activities, it’s fucking common sense you can only see so many murders and mayhem for so long before you go completely insane! But remember it aint personal, it’s business!

I think about the boys from El Salvador often because I remember laying on my back looking at the ceiling as my friend Sylvia told the story of how her family had escaped from El Salvador . I could see in her eyes sadness, relief and disappointment. Sadness because she missed her home land and the family she left behind, some relief because her family had managed to settle in a small home in Compton that reminded her of home with all its fruit trees growing in the back yard. Disappointment because she felt only slightly safer because there was a war going on around us and we both knew at any time we or someone we knew could be killed for no apparent reason. How you learn to live, survive and for a tiny few thrive in terrorism God only knows?

I am further reminded of how power, money and influence can affect your life. Had my cousin hired Johnny Cochran or had known some influential people more than likely he would be out of prison but who knew to hire Johnny Cochran- I had only heard of the man once the OJ trial started happening, yet it speaks volumes of how he knew the law. I vaguely remember the attorney my cousin hired to fight his case, I only remember he was a white man. My cousin is almost 50 years old and is still in prison.

The paradoxical thing about using the RICO Law against black gangs is a complete oxymoron considering black gangs in Southern California were not and are not organized. Could these negros think and get along long enough for HSBC to have to pay a fine, absolutely NOT! There are no shot callers, leaders, there is no hierarchy, or structure. Nothing against New York or the East coast but there is no way in hell if these negros were organized that dudes from New York could infiltrate negros in Southern Cali and start a war with most of the casualties being from Cali, I’m just saying. I’m out right embarrassed and saddened because boys who once played together, who knew each other’s families had become enemies as men…..but……why?




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