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What the real get down is!


With all the hysteria, paranoia, fear, hopelessness and over all disenchantment with the new direction of America or rather the United States I am often surprised at the hyper reactions of ordinary people when I learned in History class and in Political Science class, the founding fathers aka the people who reconstructed North America were just as brutal and candid when they designed the system that we live under.

Everyday folks were said to be, ” too emotional and stupid!” to have run the country which is supposedly why the electoral college was created so I’m confused about the confusion. The get down with the get down has been going on for so long how can anyone be shocked and or surprised as to what the real get down is?

And as I scratch my head, it is refreshing to hear someone speak who just comes from a place of pure common sense! And so the prophetic words of Flava Flav ring in my head and I am reminded about the need and the importance of the Court Jester!


I love being a girl!


I gleefully say Good Bye…..Odabo to the year 2016. All year I have felt like I my mode of transportation has been on the back of a tortoise. It has been a year filled with many frustrations and seemingly slows starts, many stops and snail pace movements no matter how I have desired or even pushed to make things move faster, things just kept happening at a super slow dawn near not moving pace.

And in this slow pace I got to address some issues and relationships. And so I dove deep. I was warned many times over that I had to eliminate superficial relationships that I would need to develop and go deeper in my relating to people in my life. I could no longer sit on the surface and hide my true feelings.

And so I have unnerved and unraveled, untangled, dismantled, and tangled some of my relationships with others. I have bruised some egos by demanding that men honor their words and the one thing that I have been unrelenting in is getting the men in my life to understand how they treat women will visit their daughters. That with each mistreat of someone else’s daughter, sister, mother, cousin and friend, the karma will be visited to the women in these men lives who are careless in the treatment of women.

You can rest assure that it will reach your front door to devour your own daughters as you have devoured other men’s daughters! And as I warn men I am reminded in my reclaiming of myself………. that I Love Being a Girl!