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Hook-ups gone wild!

Hook-ups gone wild and or wrong seems to be the theme for many women who are sexually active. I myself struggled for many years preferring sex over intimacy.  Because I had a fear of commitment that was rooted in childhood. As a result of being treated as property or as if I were an object – along with various other events in my life- made me want to always have men at a distance. It was terrible that I wanted to run…that panic would set in after spending 2 days with a man and I literally would want to jump out of my skin.

Even if I  was madly in love with my a man- I still couldn’t quail the anxiety I would feel when he wanted to be close and affectionate towards me on a deep level. Who knew my brain was being high-jacked? My brain and body felt men were unsafe and they both had good reason to believe so. With this in mind, I have a book recommendation that I feel needs to read by any woman who struggles to allow men to be close to her, although she will have sex with them.

Read, “Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy” Why women settle for one-sided relationships, by Jill P. Weber


Can you fuck your way to having?

Denumbing the vagina-Kim Anami

Crystal Vibrators

Assume you can ask for anything

Assume you can ask for anything_ L Babcock & S Laschever


Let’s do an experiment, start asking for things you would never normally ask for things from the smallest to the most audacious. Do it for a minimum of 21 days and record your findings.