Bubble Gums



” Mom you’re a weirdo!” If I had a dollar for every time my children said that to me I’d be rich! My Ex has called me that so many times since we were teenagers. And I have to remind him that he likes “weirdos”. So as long as I’ve been labeled a  weirdo…why am I so disappointed that I have been waiting for months in anticipation to attend this conference coming up next week.

And so when I sent an email to the contact person to register I received a number to call to register. Now mind, you as I looked deeply at the flyer on the text-there was something peculiar about the flyer-something that reeked of ” weirdo!’. Nevertheless, I continued to move forward.

Now some time or another I missed a phone call from the organization so I called the number back from my voicemail messages and as I was leaving a message a new call was coming in. I clicked over and placed my voicemail response on hold because no one picked up the phone when I returned the organization’s call… only to click over and Stoney- let’s call him was on the line.

As we spoke- his voice began to slightly annoy me, he sounded like a serial killer…you know like on Silence of the Lambs when he says

And as much as I wanted to sound upbeat and personal I began to make this scene in my head a comedy! As I looked closer, to the name of the organization I had a flash back to my initial contact with this organization and its clientage. And in that moment, I became deeply disappointed that I had been waiting in anticipation for the day of the event to come. Only to realize I would be spending the day with a bunch of ” weirdos!”

I could hear my Yeye in my head saying, ” You got a lot of nerves!” What?- I thought, I’m not that kind of weirdo, hell I didn’t except that I was a ” weirdo” at all. These folks went beyond ” weirdo” they were more like ” creepy”

So that’s it…. you can still be cool and weird? But ” creepy”….there is nothing cool about “creepy”. So what got me out of my funky mood? The comment I left on Marie Forleo’s newest post about negative thoughts. You can’t stay mad or disappointed at Velcro…its way too tacky and weird. Reminiscing, on my first pair of Bubble Gums with Velcro closings almost had me peeing on myself!

For those of you who know what Bubble Gums are you know they are LMAO funny!

Omg, I was on Urban Dictionary and the latest terms for Bubble Gums are eye-opening! The definition I’m referring to is #13

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