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My name is Mike (me-kay) it is short for Ifafunmike. However, the name most people know me by is Alake (Allah-kay). I was born in Los Angeles, however, my family and I moved to the Gullah Islands and eventually to Oyotunji-an African Village in South Carolina.

This site is a reminder of the importance of freedom and how being different can be a catalyst for greatness and social change. My parents were pioneers, mavericks and had they not given me the sweet taste of freedom, I would have never survived the terror of the Los Angeles streets during the “Crack Epidemic” .

I lost that freedom once we had returned from Oyotunji to Los Angeles, California-at the onset of the crack epidemic.The gang culture and drug warfare spread like rapid fire and my own culture shock was met with silenced unbearable heart ache, feelings off fleeting womanhood came together like a Molotov cocktail, where hysteria, fear, beauty, vulgarity, brutality, violence, and the balance of the sacred dance of agony and ecstasy meet and the desire to stay alive and remain free began to collide and our souls and spirits became the manifestation of a city’s namesake.

So I use this site as a reflection of how vulgarity and beauty can co-exist in and share the same space I created this blog to review events of my life past and present as a way to  encourage each and every person who visits my site to know that you are uniquely designed in perfect perfection and the world is waiting for you to share your stories and your gifts. Have the courage to be your unadulterated self. And if you temporarily lose your mind in the process or go down the wrong path for a while-its ok.

I am a trained dancer and storyteller with a background in social services, hospitality, education, community building and business.I would like to think of myself as the horse whisperer of people with disabilities, the misfits, the outcast, the throw-a ways, or as someone I know likes to call me, “The leader of the seedy underworld! And newly named Pre-Prohibition.

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