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How to keep a secret?


Recently someone told me some things about a person I know. And after their disclosure of this person, let’s call him Raymond, I immediately became irritated with the person giving the information-let’s call her Annie. Now Annie may have been well meaning, but I did not need to know any of it because Raymond had not told me himself and I figured if he did not disclose this information than quite possibly he didn’t want me to know. Furthermore, I would have rather not known because finding out put me in a position I didn’t necessarily want to be in. More importantly, it changed the dynamic of our relationship without him even knowing. It gave me pause to question his character and placed me in a position to judge him, which was not fair. But as unfair as it was, I began to judge and the more Annie ran her mouth the more I wished she would be quiet.

I thought about what Annie had told me for a couple of days and decided that no matter what was unfairly disclosed I would not allow it to ruin my friendship with Raymond. Needless to say, not long after Annie’s disclosure Raymond began to reveal to me his circumstances little by little over time. I listened and over a period of weeks he finally told the last of his revelation. It brought to mind something my Baba always told me, ” Never tell someone anything you don’t want repeated!”

He would also tell me, “Don’t let someone tell me something you should have told me first!” Which brings to mind the time he was dating this girl I went to High School with- Godmother. Now for whatever reason the girl did not like me, which didn’t really bother me but what did piss me off was that she took her dislike of me so far as to tell my Baba, that I had lost my virginity. Talk about, low down and dirty……my father was fully aware the girl did not like me without me saying a word, which is why he was even more disappointed in me. Someone had told him something that I should have told him first. And from that day on I have always been the first to disclose any and everything to my father no matter how disappointed and or hurt he may be in my decision. What he didn’t deserve was to be embarrassed!



The morning after


A friend of mine gave his daughter a graduation party and my friend Sam and I were tricked as usual into cooking and setting up for the party, not only did we set up, cook the food, we made sure everyone had what they needed all night. My friend giving the party is Nigerian so there were wall to wall Nigerians. Until a group of young black American men came to the party and right away I caught the eye of a hot and sexy chocolate twenty-something year old. He immediately said a few words to me and I responded with a quick, “hello, cutie how are you?’ Now mind you I said this as I walked past him leaving him standing with the biggest grin. Sometime after that another one in the group, this light-skinned hmmm, hot ass began to tell Sam and I what all his tatooes represented and I was in awe as to how fine this boy was, his biceps flexed as he narrated his stories and all I could think was, ” who the hell said, light=skinned boys aren’t in?’

It was exhilarating flirty with these two all night, they had gotten everyone’s attention at the party and from the on-set of their arrival people made it there business to have contact with them as if what they possessed could some how be transferred simply by being In close proximity of them. Anyway at some point during my hosting, cleaning, replenishing, etc.. I had 2 drinks and the last thing I could remember was money being thrown at me while I danced. The Nigerians are the originators of making it rain while you dance. I also remember the young boys trying to talk us into leaving the party with them, they were persistent.

You would never believe what I woke up to, omg I woke up(fully dressed) on the velvet blue couch of my friend and wrapped around me like lettuce wrapp was a short water-head Nigerian, saying “babe I saved you from those young boys who were trying to take advantage of you” This Ratbastard was acting as if he had done me a favor, I would have preferred to have woken up in the arms of one of the young stallions if I had to wake up in the arms of a man, this dude looked like a short angry turtle. After, prying his paws from my waist and unhooking his legs from mines I found Sam and asked her what the hell had happened. She went on to tell me the sorted details and apparently, the young boys appeal was such a danger that Turtle man stepped in and I passed out on the couch and was informed that he had fondled me in my sleep and Sam had to reprimand his behavior.

At least Vanilla Lattae and Mocha Latte were upfront about their desires and their offers were inviting but the fantasy was interrupted by male jealousy. Extreme exhaustion and 2 drinks should have been a turn off but not to Turtleman, shaking my hand, apparently I got super friendly because when I checked my voicemail, there were several messages from men with the thickest accents I could barely understand anything they said.  What the hell had I done, I had given my number out more times in one night than I have in 5 years to men I had no attraction to, nor who I remembered, nor who I plan on talking to. Don’t get me wrong, I love being African but as superfacial as it may sound being attractive is mandatory, what I find attractive you may not but I don’t know any women personally who are attracted to slimy and creepy men. 

So why the hell couldn’t I have woken up to that  fine ass Nigerian I met at the festival, or one of those blue black Senegalese drummers I have to purposely ignore when I’m moving across the floor for fear I might land in their lap or that model gorgeous African from Sierra Leone with the softest most delicious lips I’ve ever kissed  and more importantly, Who the fuck waits for a girl to fall asleep on a couch and thinks that is a cue to start a cuddling session and doesn’t have the good sense to leave before she wakes up, all jokes aside, had my friends not been there Turtleman would probably have turned into a booty bandit.

” I was saving you from the young boys!, he repeated over again, I wanted to slap the shit out of him from ruining a potential fantasy, it’s official, I’m a Cougar, no I’m a Panther….I’m African.

Now or Never


I finally started my blog after being scared and not feeling really ready I did it. I still don’t know what I’m doing as far as the look and the lay out but I’ve put it off long enough. I was waiting on perfection but it never happened and good enough will have to be good enough.