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you cannot ask for anything you are unwilling to give

Chained mad young man

As, the Michael Brown shooting and Grand Jury verdict came in, I almost didn’t even understand why I was watching the verdict because I knew the Grand Jury would not indict Officer Wilson of anything. Police Officer’s have a right to kill and until their right to kill is rescinded-they gone be killing rather the killing is just or unjust-they put their lives on the line to defend and keep everyday people safe, while I do believe it is beyond sad that a mother lost her son over something-if the rumors are true-that was valued as less than $1 speaks volumes for the value of black folks.

However, I refuse to hold anyone else accountable for the value placed on black bodies,  as if-black folks themselves value the lives of black folks-when we stop killing each other, when the rage that we feel caused by black on black crime and violence reaches the feverish pitches that causes cities to flame then and only then will I expect any other group of individuals to respect the life of black people.

Black folks are fucking hypocrites, always pointing outward yet, seldom addressing the ELEPHANTS in the room. Always talking about white folks and the role they played in enslaving black folks, let me remind any one with ears to listen….. that no white man in stockings, wigs, and heels…. ran through the jungles and fields capturing black bodies….. black folks captured other black bodies and handed them over to white folks in exchange for shit as worthless as a mirror!

I remind my son on a regular, “You can get killed over a dawn now and later!”

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The greatest tip to improve your child’s math skills?

I just left a parent meeting for 7th grade parents and during what was supposed to be an ice breaker a parent complained that the work his son was receiving in Math class was too easy, so after spending sometime listening to the parent and the dialogue that began during the supposed ice breaker, I began to try to explain the new Core curriculum of the state of California and their revamped learning approach to teaching math. That being said, Ms. K the Dean of Academics, walked her ass in the room, I will explain my saltiness another time, any way, I presented the concern of the parent and his desires to have his son put in an advanced class and she began to explain that the new Core called for students of all levels to be intermingled rather than segregated because children learn better with all levels in a class.

So she asked if there was a difference between 11×2 and 2×11, I said, yes, she responded, what is the difference, I answered IDK……she went on to ask……. what is the difference from 2 houses with 11 bedrooms and 11 houses with 2 bedrooms, that sparked a conversation……. and square feet was thrown in the conversation as well as  class and privlege. I became excited, because the new approach in math was the one I had been adevocating for- since I was young, 3 out of 30 students were able to understand the old way of learning math, while the 27 of us would be lost, frustrated, and eventually ignored because our brains did not process information the way the Golden 3 did. I remember dam near cussing out my Math teachers for failing me on tests and school work because I had got the right answer, however, I didnt follow the steps of the teacher or the so-called formula. Eventually I would lose the debate, because who was I to challenge a teacher and all the theory formula Gods.

“Tell me why my answer caint be accepted because I did’nt get the answer your way?”…….was always my challenge, hell nobody shuda told me there is more than one way to skin a cat and many roads lead to the same destination but somehow that theory did’nt apply to Math. Umph, well I be damed 20 years later my question is not only valid, it is relevant. So to all the fucked up Math teachers that told the Misfit 27 that we were dumb and stupid and that discouraged me from being interested in Math you can suck my ass! In that order as Scrappyz mama would say! I told Ms. K, that even though it took them 20 years to figure it out, they were better late than never.