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Something to look forward to???


I grew up with land lines and pay phones. The times when folks had to call your house to get in touch with you. When 3 or more people could answer the phone at once depending on how many phones were in the house. ūüė©Which at times could be embarrassing.

At any point in time your mother could pick up the phone and declare, ” get off the phone!” You could be talking on the phone for hours and the operator would call with an emergency break through cuz yo mama been at work trying to call your ass to make sure you’re safe.

This was a time before helicopter parenting, we don’t want you to experience any pain or adversity took over. When you put on roller skates and hit the ground hard so your ass learned how to keep your balance quickly!

Now they got the po kids on walkers at the roller skating rink. With parents pushing they new borns in strollers. What type of bullshit and fuckery is this? Kids got plenty of time to be using walkers…it’s called old age.

And why the fuck can’t children have their own spaces. What happened to the rights of passages for events and stages and phases. Imagine if the children were allowed to fall. How quickly would they learn to skate so they could feel the cool breeze in their faces?

Its gon take them forever with yo grown ass pushing your 2 month old on the skating room floor. How bout you move your ass off the floor and you and the younger sibling who can’t skate yet…give the kid that can…there time to play and shine so that the younger sibling has something to look forward to when they get that age!

Something to look forward to..remember that?

Times can change however children deserve to have the right to play, learn and grow without adults occupying their spaces, trying to make up for whatever they felt they lacked as children. Give children their freedom to play!

Hell give your grown ass the space and permission to play independently of structure. As the old heads used to say, ” go outside and play!”

Remember the days when nobody couldn’t find your ass until you came home? Remember when your life was private and your friends were separate? Cuz you had separate friends for specific things to meet specific needs?

But that’s a whole netha topic. Oh but it brings back memories of when I had them in heavy rotation! Do your know what ” heavy rotation ” is? Baybee, it’s the time of your life! Again, that’s another story. Ha






Breakfast Parties


Everyday above ground is a good day-Mudda


Ya’ll know how I feel about the gym. And it’s been since last week¬†that I turned up in my own livingroom, kitchen, diningroom, etc. I started breakfast dance parties where me and the little ones get our groove on while I make breakfast and clean up. We plug are phones into our speaakers and I teach the party is always where ever you are and you are the perfect reason to celebrate.

So enjoy!


Felipe Garcia Villamil


We bout that life-Hood proverb


The spirits work in mysterious ways and one night we the children of the founders and builders of Oyotunji were summoned by Felipe Garcia Villamil aka Papi. Neither of us knew the mysterious person who had invited us to pay homage to our beloved King and Oyotunji. ¬†We were greeted with pageantry and majesty. He welcomed us into his homes with the rhythm of the anya biollo drums¬†and enchanting singing and the aromas of the most delicious smells. His hospitality and that of his family can not be explained in words. Felipe Garcia is a moving and walking wonder and at the age of 83 he is stronger than any man in his 20’s and for sure still a catch and a catdaddy. I could never repay him for the love and richness that he has given my life!

BAE-Watching a cure for low energy!

I’ve been so restless lately with feelings of intense indescribable constriction and restriction! I haven’t had a lot of fun this year. Last year was wild, fun and energetic! ¬†I let go and let loose! That’s it, I have been feeling pent-up, frustrated because everyday life has gotten pretty bland and my womanly energy is low.

I’m in the mood to play!!!! I’m in the mood to use my full feminine power and wrap men around my fingers. I use my powers for good! ¬†Yet it’s been a while since I let myself be wild and free. I’m remembering the lost art of flirting…..I used to flirt with men all the time¬†and I just realized I stopped doing it on a consistent basis. Why? Because, I’ve been too busy in my head to even look up let alone let loose, my focus has been on my goals and my plans that I forgot how flirting with men energizes me.


Studio portrait of young man --- Image by © Bernd Vogel/Corbis

What the hell is going on? This is the first year, I haven’t had a lot of men around me. Hmmm, not good. I’ve always had lots of male company, male associates and male friends. And I’m not talking about sexual relationships, I’m talking intimate relationships where men rub my feet, wash my hair, paint my toes, bathe me, rub me down with lotion or oil-put my pajamas on and put me to bed, scratch my dandruff, feed me,cook for me, party with me, protect me, make me laugh, talk to me, kiss me, massage me, work out with me and hug me when I’m sad or happy!

In the beginning of the year, I took an inventory and realized that some where along the journey I had lost my natural rhythm and had began to settle for less than I was used to by the men in my life. After my analysis I gave notice to the men in my life of the change in terms of our agreements and rules for engagement, starting from my father on down sum I fired, others I put on time out, and a select few I speak to briefly and check in with.

Apparently, I had not fully thought out my plan of action once the new rules were in place. I realized the error of my ways as I did a favor for an associate and filled in for her and let me tell you I dawn near forgot just how fine men were. I had not seen this many fine men in one place, in all shapes, sizes, height, skin color, hair textures, races, cultures, ethnicities and varied accents in a year.

For five days, I watched this dreamy French fine ass Cat daddy (he was James Bond Fine) so in shape, fit and cut-up , I’m sure I could have laid all my thick juicyness on his back while he did push-ups with ease. I saw so many FINE men from the Middle East, my eyes danced with jubilee and if more than a few of them had reframed from speaking ¬†I swear you would have mistaken them from FINE ASS ¬†Daquans, Tariqs and Nates¬†from the hood…..I’m just saying.

There were two Young Hot half Asian, half white boys, I would just stare at and not even pretend to look away when they caught me staring. And let’s not forget the older Brotha with the cinnamon, dipped in honey complexion, who would lightly rub his fingers tips in my palms as I gave him his belongings. On my last day, he looked me in the eyes and said,” I’m looking for a wife.” I thought to myself, ” Hey now!” I would have been excited had I been looking for a husband but I already been on that plantation…..umph!

It’s been a while since I put the tip of my nose on the side of men’s neck and whispered, (it could be a perfect stranger) ” You smell good!” and then walk away. I love to use my index finger to call a man over to me and then make a request of him.



Why can’t people just follow directions

I read an old post on a blog I¬†sometimes read and for the life of me I could not understand why regardless of the tone of the author -folks wanted to dismiss the solutions given by the author because of his so-called condescending tone. The prevailing argument of being a sell out makes me cringe because who in their right mind wants to be a starving artist? What is so honorable in suffering if you don’t have to? What is up with the mind-set that we will be rewarded in the afterlife…. what if…. you only spend 10 minutes in the afterlife saying hi to all your dead relatives only to return back to earth as a cockroach, hiding in the crevices¬†avoiding being sprayed by Raid!!!????…..The comments were closed so I couldn’t get clarification on the lay man meaning of one of his solutions.

After reading the comments, I clicked on a couple of links in the comment section and I was lead to this Artist to know in 2015, now I do not usually prescribe to being told what to like and or listen to, yet when I had to compare this list to the  The Most Anticipated Releases of 2015, I had to admit to liking the Huffington Post picks- best.

Here are my favorite¬†3 of the 25, along with an old school throw back tribute, an old school original from¬†the Triple OG’s, plus some of my¬†own favorite flavors. In celebration and thanksgiving to all who create much-needed solutions to problems I offer you a dance….. enjoy.

P.S. Leave the professional moves to the professionals and let their movements inspire you to dance your way!








Why I Dance?

My greatest gift I take for granted is my ability to dance. She is my greatest most passionate lover, my road opener, my prayer and the answers to my prayers, I cannot think and dance at the same time and because of that- I live in the moment. Dancing is my highest communion with God and the heavens, I beg my mistress for forgiveness, please forgive me for taking you for granted. I acknowledge you as my greatest strength!


How to cure depression?

Fuck the gym, if you are out of shape-take a trip to NYC! OMG I am in New York, I’ve been here for 4 days so far and I realize I am completely out of shape. Of course, this doesn’t come as a complete surprise but this is a complete fucking shame. I have just completely let myself go…..the past 5¬†years have been so rough on my spirit and life as a whole taking caring¬†of myself properly has taken a back seat to surviving and¬† making it through with my sanity in tact. Now that I have survived, it feels like I have been holding my breath for fear of dying. I feel as if I have been sleep walking. New York has woken my ass up, my body has awaken, it aches from the miles of walking but at least I can feel something-even- if it is pain. Through pain comes personal development. That being said, nobody walks in Los Angeles, everything is too dam spread out, the sun shining all the time, the ability to wear flip-flops year around creates a¬†creeping deception that life in l.a. is easy breezy but it isn’t. Los Angeles lulls you into false sense of security-New York awakens you to the¬† real raw truth even if it hurts!

How to lose weight without spending alot of money?

Fuck the gym…..get a work out in your own living-room with your own free style moves compliments of Iyanya-¬†in a pair of your sexiest prettiest panties or butt whole naked if you like-just let go and do your own thing at least 3 times a week.¬† Enjoy!!