Category "Fuck you if you didn't think I was gon make it"

Dr. Sebi


“Fuck you if you didn’t think I was gon make it!” is what , the cake read. I remember reading the words on the cake to myself and my eyes lit up from the beautiful vulgarity and at the same time I fell in love because, it’s declaration was so bold, so poetic, so arrogant, so sovereign and wild. I hadn’t yet lived long enough or endured enough to fully grasp what it meant, yet I wasn’t so naïve that I didn’t understand it was a Victory Celebration.

The celebration from the sparkled crew held my attention although I attempted to keep my eye on Beanie Man as he skipped across the floor. Elephant Man was off the hook but not as off the hook as the “Fuck you if you didn’t think I was gon make it!” party. It has  stuck out in my head for years. The Jamaican crew was mad cool and I admired and was proud of their declaration of victory and so with great honor and with slight sadness I started to say Rest in Peace Dr. Sebi but then I remembered energy can neither be created or destroyed, rather it transforms from one form to another so that means the spirit and energy of Dr. Sebi lives on. I would like to think Dr. Sebi could and would appreciate a “Fuck you if you didn’t think I was gon make it!” party- considering all the victories he accomplished using pure common sense!