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What you don’t like today, you will love tomorrow!


My skin was all wrong, my hair all wrong, my face all wrong, sliced and cut and put in a trance by the songs of Ogun and as he danced I became like the object that the snake charmer sang to, and I swayed, forgetting time as the machete moved and danced in his hand time slowed, slowed, slower, slower, slower until I stopped and the slice of my face stung. I am a wild girl, unruly, untamed and although they shame me I refuse to acquiesce for fear that I may die if I live for anyone other than myself.

They wanted to call it child abuse, muthafuckas always a day late and a dollar short, always the trickster, talking you out your shit now everybody talkin bout TRIBAL or TRIBE with painted marks on their faces, when it’s mine it ain’t shit but after you steal shit it’s We? They make you scared to be yourself!


Tell me about a time when someone stole your style, work, creative endeavor and tried to make it theirs. Leave a comment below, thanks.


Pussy Frenzy!!!!

Young Woman with Petal in Her Mouth


“I’m a woman of a certain age”,  as Wendy Williams likes to say and never in my life have I been obsessed in wanting to control a man’s penis, but for whatever reason men are obsessed with “Pussy”! I am in owe of my own ignorance of just have magically powerful the womb is, in so much that I cannot understand the preoccupation that white men-especially have with Pussy in so much so, they stole a South African women’s womb and put it in a jar and passed it around like a museum piece and buried her without it, the Ratbastard’s stole the cervix cells of another Black woman and are making billions of dollars off her stolen parts and lest not forget that these men could not keep their dicks out of the millions of  so-called  non-human  black women that were stolen from the shores of West Africa………Is this Pussy Envy?

Who should have the final say in women’s reproductive rights? Let your voice be heard. Leave a comment.