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They speak through Sobonfu


Young Woman Wearing Flower

Modupe to my ancestors who are always speaking to me, guiding me, supporting me and loving me even when I feel I am all alone. I ask that they forgive me for all the times that I do not listen to them. It used to be so easy to connect with them but as I began to disconnect with my roots, it became increasingly harder to feel them. I am relearning to embrace the unseen.

Double Negatives?

There is a saying that comes from the prisons in Cali, “it’s your story-you tell it!” This phrase has double meaning and even has sarcasm, that being said, I refuse to allow anyone else to speak for me and or to define who I am because more times than not other people may not have my best interest in mind.

It’s your story- you tell it!


The apataki of Esu comes to life!


I’m not on social media and with the exception of the few reality shows I watch and veg out on-I do not watch a lot of T.V. and I definitely do not view the news or as I like to call it, ” the creep show” , with this in mind I may be late when it comes to trending phenomenons. I vaguely heard something about, ” the dress”, however, I did not give it too much thought and what do you know as soon as I had reached out to my sister in spirit FK in Nigeria, Esu sent me a message compliments of The Ellen Show.

Now, I will say this til I’m blue in the face, you got to watch out for them bate and switch games. Again, they tell you, your stuff has no value, it’s bad and then they turn around and steal your shit. Fuck that -even your hot stinky-shit is valuable, shit get too hard, you can build a house with your own shit!!!!! Literally.

They call it science…..I know all about them binary codes….you betta ask somebody!

So I say Module Baba Esu for giving me a clear sign! Ase