This blog site will most likely offend the easily offended, whiny, boring, the talkers not doers, mean girls/boys, interested in keeping the status quo, limited-lack thinking, caint think for your dam self, wont stand for nothin-will fall for anything types of people, however -all listed are welcome.

However, this  embraces, the Theory of mind called mentalization, which means the ability to recognize that someone else has a mind different from one’s own……… If you read something, hear something or see something on this blog site that you do not agree with don’t take it personally I only ask that you respectfully respond to anything you take offense with.

And most importantly, if you are inspired or motivated by anything you read, see or hear, please use your own dam mind in making a decision because if you attempt in any way to blame this site for any dumb or irresponsible actions you take as an individual, its gon be your ass not mine. And if you feel so froggish and inclined to steal my words aka plagiarise my work thatz gon be a real issue so make sure if you use my words or work – cite them or else I will use the American judicial system to open a can of whup ass on you…….on that note-enter and engage at your own risk. The contents and materials available on this Internet site are copyrighted by  Wildandoutofcontrol.com BlogSite and its author.

Please take careful note that I reserve the right to incorporate African American Language in my writing and if you have difficulty understanding my work-please take the time to learn the language.

Peace and Blessings

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