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How to prevent a mental meltdown and or recover from one?

I’m a liar, more like an exaggerater, absent minded or as my Yeye,often called me ” Spastic”…..I think she was light weight calling me retarded/slow. I’ll take it, true that, I’m low-grade Aussie Bossy (High Functioning Asperger) and I’m Dyslexic, all of which have been undiagnosed but back in the day-they weren’t checking for these types of things. I believe we all fall under a certain category of any and all Special Needs Categories regardless, even if we are high functioning.

Anyway, I said, all that to say, that although, I have had a lot of Bad Gigs, my most rewarding and most fabulous jobs are when I worked with children, especially when I worked for Women and Children with disabilities and special needs. Again, I like to think of myself as the horse whisperers of people with “Special Needs” and again, I was given the name, “Leader of the Seedy Underworld”, because, I can easily relate to things and people society are most afraid of….. the so-called….. freaks, geeks, weirdos, criminals, trouble-makers……etc.

Now hear me clearly, I myself, may not indulge in the behaviors or activities of such labeled folks but I do speak and understand their language-as I do, people with special needs. I worked as a Parenting Instructor for many years and while I may not recite stories of my past experiences because as a social service worker, I am mandated to confidentiality agreements, however I must publicly say that I was superb as a Parenting Instructor and it was the job I loved and was most passionate about.

I take children very seriously….. and being a Parent is the hardest, often times, a Thank Less Job, in the whole wide world, (as your own children can and will be RUTHLESS Crumb Snatchers)…. let me remind you-you are a HERO and they watch you endlessly, this is how they play Jedi Mind Tricks on you and can drive you to drink if you let them.

If you are experiencing  hard times, and or have lost your zest for life do something with children (preferably someone else’s if you have your own, to regain your objectivity), throw a party for the neighborhood children, play with children, read a child a book, spend time with them, reconnect with your  own inner child and I promise you, you will feel joy and bliss. Please be sincere, children can smell flakiness a mile away. Children are bringers of good fortune, please treat them well!

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