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If your vagina was a superhero what would it look like?


I’m sick of the Pussy Police, always worried about what someone else is doing with their pussies. What is the deal, the fascination of the pussy, and if it is so dam bad….why won’t muthafuckas stay out of it or leave it alone altogether. I am aware that I have separated the pussy from its body on purpose because it is if the two can not co-exist in peace without being demoralized, devalued and demeaned when it comes to a woman’s sexuality. So I share this story with you….to illustrate my point.

When I was around 9 years old I started my period I was pissed off because anyone who knows me knows that I hate surprises, so when my mother came to me a week and I mean 7 days before this wretched thing appeared I was in lala land. My YeYe came to me all coy and sentimental talking about how her mother never told her about her period and when it came she didn’t know what is was and as a result, she had to throw away all of her panties. So imagine being nine years old and you hear this story, I’m like, what a complete moron, how the hell do you not tell someone that one day they will bleed like a waterfall. The movie Bloody Mary had invaded my thoughts-not that I had seen the movie, which was prohibited by my parents but from all the details from my peers that was my visual.

Anyway 7 days…and I mean…7 days later my period came and I was like, “Really, you tell me about this 7 days ago and it shows up, are you serious, do you think that was enough time for me to prepare for such an event!!”, I said to my mother. Granted she thought she did better than her mother but I was convinced and still am that they both were complete IDIOTS. Now imagine, at the next family gathering, where 30 some odd people come to you sometimes in groups or singular, proclaiming, “YOU’RE A WOMAN NOW!” “You told, the whole family?” “Yes!”, my mother replied. Talk about humiliation…..but I’m not done yet.

Sometime after the victory celebration by everyone but me, I was eavesdropping on a conversation-my parents were having about the ramifications of me “getting my period” and the only way I can describe the conversation was that “my pussy” had become a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION and it had to be policed and my father sanctioned my mother as the official Pussy Police. It seemed like a scene out of an X-MEN movie when parents are trying to figure out what to do with their mutant child. Now what would a super mutant power pussy look like if it were a super hero in the form of a human?

To be continued……….