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Where ever 3 or more agree



Ok I have received some comments in the comments section that I want to address in a post because I want to recognize the folks who have taken the time to leave a comment. Now since one of the commentators name was Shit I looked at the name sideways yet I knew that I needed to give them credit and respect since there is a real live person on reality t.v that goes by the name of Oh Shit! That being said, let’s do the run down.


  • I received a comment about the titles of my posts and I could be wrong in my understanding of the commentary but I was encouraged to come up with “better titles” and I’m paraphrasing the commentator. That being said, there is a method to why I choose titles. However I am interested,  based on the content of my posts as to what the commentator or any other viewer would have titled the posts. Click here to leave advice What do you think?


  • Another commentator asked for advice on setting up a blog, hear me clearly, after attempting to get help from a so-called professionals and other so-called tech people who refused to help me- I cancelled Bluehost and used Go Daddy instead as a host, again I could have the terminology wrong but I digress. In the end , I just sat down and jumped in the water without fear of not knowing how to swim and I googled WordPress and have just done everything by feel as far as the tech side is concerned.


  • A reader asked for contact information to offer more resources and opportunities. And then there are what look like  Spammers who leave comments, never the less, I read their comments even if they are trying to sell me Viagra or services to help me increase my traffic.

So on behalf of any and all that take the time to comment I appreciate you for reading my posts and visiting my site. On behalf of those who read my blog and don’t comment I appreciate you as well. At the same time I am thinking of ways to expand my site to offer more. Again I thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read my posts because you could be doing other things.

And most importantly no matter how many challenges, struggles, pain, or ups and downs life gives you- always remember, ” You wasn’t born on a bad day!” and ” Nobody Does You Better Than You!” Get started on whatever you dream or want to do, refuse to wait for perfection, the perfect time, your perfect weight, your perfect mate, your perfect creation…… put it out there on the strength that it’s Good Enough and you can add improvements later!