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Love me or leave me alone!


I had a long conversation with a friend of mine the other day, one we’ve had for many times throughout the past 2 years, without telling all his business he told me how deeply unsatisfied he was in the romantic relationship he was in. The most prevailing issue in his relationship is that he cannot be himself, although his mate provides many things, her inability to accept and love him as he is, is ruining their relationship and he is dying of a slow death.

At the end of the day, it is about the deep long seasons, years, weeks, months, days, minutes, and seconds of deprivation. As we talked I wanted to weep, hell I had been weeping for weeks because I to had come to recognize that I have spent so many years in deprivation, starving myself of what I wanted and or needed. There is a deep sadness that comes from deprivation, from being starved and from starving oneself. When was the last time you have been touched by another person not just in a sexual way but in a way that soothes your spirit and eases your soul, where you feel alive, connected and loved? All to often the only time people are touched is during a sexual encounter- How many times have you needed a long deep hug or caress but settled for sex because it was the only way to be touched.

Instead of bad mouthing his partner, we collectively discussed all the ways that we have co-conspired to make ourselves feel smaller in order to make other people feel better about themselves. During our discussion, I praised him for all the milestones of his personal development and celebrated how far he has come in his journey of becoming a better person, the old him would have just cheated and left the relationship like a coward never taking any responsibility. Instead, he bought his finance` a book to open the dialogue of having his partner love and accept him for who he is. It tickled me because he is reading it first, so they can read it together. I hope she learns to” get him” because we have a right to be who we are and deserve to be loved as we are.  What you need- needs you, so wrap your arms around yourself and embrace yourself with a long hug.