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Is Bragging Rude?




Interviews and getting clients are all about being able to brag about yourself. But how many of us are comfortable talking about ourselves let alone big upping ourselves. Now hear me clearly I know some professional bullshiters, snake oil salesmen, straight verbal pimps- I myself am not one of them. Now don’t get me wrong- get to know me and you will  clearly see that I carry myself with a certain je ne sais qoui but can I free style like Black Thought from the Roots about what makes me great at the drop of a dime, Hell no, it’s down right uncomfortable. Seeing as in certain environments, having noticeably high self esteem can cause a fight (I will tell you about that in another blog), one begins to try and hide to be safe. But that safety net hinders you as you grow and develop and when your in that interview for that much needed job or you need to snag that client to keep your lights on, modesty has to go hurling out the window. Cuz hear me clearly, the verbal pimp with less skills than you will get the job over your meek ass. So here’s the deal, get with some of your partners, your girlfriends, your family and start a bragging session. Make a circle and when it’s your turn to brag get in the middle so all eyes can be on you. No rules set it to a cheer, a song, a dance just for 2 minutes say the most brave, fun and outlandish things about yourself?

You just hate me, cuz you aint me!”- Smokey from Friday