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Cruising for a bruising


Mental illness is running rampant in American society regardless of race, sex, and or class. But sometimes the folks who are labeled “Crazy” may in fact be the most sane in any group. Often times the person labeled ” Crazy!” in the family or a group are used as scapegoats. And then there is the more sinister scenarios of when the person labeled crazy refuses to go along to get along and if you’re the odd man out chances are you will be classified as ” Crazy!”

And then there is the person labeled ” Crazy!” who has simply reached a point where they have had enough! As if reaching the point where you have tolerated enough bullshit sincerely equates being labeled ” Crazy” when in reality a boundary has been established once a person has reached their limit in tolerating the now intolerable…… in the words of Popeye, ” That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”

You would think being stupid would trump being crazy. Yet somehow it seems reasonably acceptable to be stupid but God forbid being ” Crazy!” When do we ever focus on the chronic line breakers, the folks who seem not to understand boundaries and yet more times than not the focus is on the person whose unable to clearly define or draw the line so it’s clear as to where it resides. And once the tipping point is reached-the chronic line breaker after having their asses ripped a new, usually stand by looking shocked often times saying, ” What did I do?” As if they are some 3 year old unable to comprehend that they had been, ” Cruising for a bruising!” for sometime now, yet the person unable to say, ” Here’s the line and do not cross it, is the one often labeled ” Crazy!” Because they had pushed themselves beyond the point of tolerance,

You got to know where the lines before it’s crossed!