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New rules: Mistresses have to work for dick


At some point in marriages, many wives find out that their husband’s are cheating on them and in most circumstances the marriages don’t end. I feel if you are married to an average man who is working for a living and does not have Bill Gates money, NBA money, Wall Street money, Nascar money, Kevin Hart money and they have the gall and nerve to get side pussy, a side chick, a mistress, a side bitch whatever her pet name is….she owe the wife compensation cause she is stealing resources that are already limited!

And any wife that is working with a husband with limited resources is already being stretched to the max. The fact that these hoes don’t send home Trader Joe Cards, Target Cards and or a line of credit to Sear’s to replace the washing machine that is about to break down at any moment is just egregious!

Do these hoes ever think to send a Uber to get the kids to school in the morning cuz the wife is completely burnt out? Do these broads know that your husband looks like a brand new shiny penny cuz you take care of this negro like you a dawn spa attendant  at a day spa?

Do they know they really in love with you because anything he knows about sophistication you taught him…..the joker couldn’t even dress when you met him but now these trollups running around with your husband as her arm candy and trophy without breaking a sweat other than when she’s on her back fucking your man-while you been down with him like fo flat tires for decades.

Tips on how to get compensation from your husband’s mistress


P.S.  For those stay out home moms who seldom get to have an adult conversation with someone other than other moms and or wives I invite you to celebrate something new like

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