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Felipe Garcia Villamil


We bout that life-Hood proverb


The spirits work in mysterious ways and one night we the children of the founders and builders of Oyotunji were summoned by Felipe Garcia Villamil aka Papi. Neither of us knew the mysterious person who had invited us to pay homage to our beloved King and Oyotunji.  We were greeted with pageantry and majesty. He welcomed us into his homes with the rhythm of the anya biollo drums and enchanting singing and the aromas of the most delicious smells. His hospitality and that of his family can not be explained in words. Felipe Garcia is a moving and walking wonder and at the age of 83 he is stronger than any man in his 20’s and for sure still a catch and a catdaddy. I could never repay him for the love and richness that he has given my life!