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Why do women have sex?

Sitting at the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings half ass watching the NBA finals a familiar conversation started about men cheating. The conversation went something like this, ” Men cheat but there is a difference between a man cheating and a man being loyal, see when a man is loyal he has your back but he might dip out on you from time to time but he’s not going to be with the woman he has sex with, she knows to stay in her lane!” So basically from this dude perspective it was all about wanting to have sex with a different woman.

Now add to the conversation, from another dude at the table, ” If she was doing her job I would not be dipping!” Now this is where I interjected because “‘how was she now responsible for your behavior?” I’m like if you want to have sex with another person outside of your relationship, then just make it be just about that-no more no less. In addition to making the woman responsible for his cheating he also stated that there is a silent agreement between women and men that it is ok for men to cheat.

With that being said, of course the women at the table decided to ask if they could accept their women having sex with another man and still be with her……long silences from both and to add insult to injury, I asked, ” Would you be ok with your woman using her chin as a ball rest for another man?” And like the dinosaurs I knew there were, the old, “Women are not wired to cheat, they are not wired to want to bust a nut for the sake of busting a nut!” Add finally, they both proclaimed that if their “women” had sex with another man and they found out they would leave her immediately. Final consensus, they could dish it out but they couldn’t take it.

Now I don’t know where some men get these asinine ideas that women are not sexual, considering they are having sex with a woman. Are the women they have sex with outside of their relationships not women?……..I’m confused. However men justify having sex with other women is their business, if you live long enough, as a woman you will learn the old saying, ” aint nothing better than some pussy than new pussy!”

So with this knowledge, it’s hard to take wanting to “bust a nut” personally just know women also like to bust one to just for the pure hell of it and it might be with another man-deal with it!