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How to keep a secret?


Recently someone told me some things about a person I know. And after their disclosure of this person, let’s call him Raymond, I immediately became irritated with the person giving the information-let’s call her Annie. Now Annie may have been well meaning, but I did not need to know any of it because Raymond had not told me himself and I figured if he did not disclose this information than quite possibly he didn’t want me to know. Furthermore, I would have rather not known because finding out put me in a position I didn’t necessarily want to be in. More importantly, it changed the dynamic of our relationship without him even knowing. It gave me pause to question his character and placed me in a position to judge him, which was not fair. But as unfair as it was, I began to judge and the more Annie ran her mouth the more I wished she would be quiet.

I thought about what Annie had told me for a couple of days and decided that no matter what was unfairly disclosed I would not allow it to ruin my friendship with Raymond. Needless to say, not long after Annie’s disclosure Raymond began to reveal to me his circumstances little by little over time. I listened and over a period of weeks he finally told the last of his revelation. It brought to mind something my Baba always told me, ” Never tell someone anything you don’t want repeated!”

He would also tell me, “Don’t let someone tell me something you should have told me first!” Which brings to mind the time he was dating this girl I went to High School with- Godmother. Now for whatever reason the girl did not like me, which didn’t really bother me but what did piss me off was that she took her dislike of me so far as to tell my Baba, that I had lost my virginity. Talk about, low down and dirty……my father was fully aware the girl did not like me without me saying a word, which is why he was even more disappointed in me. Someone had told him something that I should have told him first. And from that day on I have always been the first to disclose any and everything to my father no matter how disappointed and or hurt he may be in my decision. What he didn’t deserve was to be embarrassed!