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How to mind your own business?

When did we learn if something feels good for you it has to feel bad? I overheard a conversation between two attractive” women of a certain age”, as  Wendy Williams says. She began to talk about how she was falling for a younger man, one half her age, she talked about the unusual way she had met him and the politics and implications such a relationship could have on her life, but try as she might-she could not bring herself to stop talking to the man who had made her body feel alive and who had carried her mind away with the most sensational thoughts that her body tingled or had that sensation that over takes a woman’s body after she has fallen in love with a man that she’s made love to and with the thought of his name her mind weakens and her body begins to glide like a ghost searching to be reunited with his spirit.. Her hatenass friend gave her some hatenass advice, my eavesdroppin ass wanted to ask the woman of a certain age…..when was the last time a man of any age made you feel this way? And more importantly, why do you feel bad about feeling good?