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What percentage of American workers read their employee handbook manual?


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I have an aversion to bullshit-it simply makes my ass itch. And anyone whose had a serious case of itches, especially after consuming too much sugar should be able to relate. This world is filled with bullshit artist and shenanigans instigators and I strongly believe there should be a manual for those of us who have a hard time being able to comprehend and or deal with BULLSHIT!

For instance, for the life of me, Corporate America does not seem hell-bent on making profits, more like, they are hell-bent on creating and sustaining bullshit. If most so-called shareholders only but knew the bullshit and the amount of time, money, resources, and tools that are wasted during working hours they’d be jumping out of more windows.

The idea that only 20% of employees throughout any organization and or business is doing the majority of the work is mind-boggling. So what is the rest of the 80% doing at work? Bullshitting, playing, harassing and bullying the 20% who are working. Listen I work to pass the time because sitting around jaw jappin with people who are only there with you because they need a check seems like forced marriage.

I used to have to be at work at 7 am for a company that was founded in 1872 and anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person. Anyway, I used to bust my ass at work, like a new slave off a slave ship. Now I am not one of those people who believe in the politics of how business is supposed to be ran according to all the MBA academics. I know that hard work don’t really mean shit and that in corporate america they do shit and give things to people they want to plain and simple.

The let me work and leave me alone mind-set does not sit well with the average employee and or manager in corporate america. It seems it’s frowned upon to come to work to work. Why else are we here? Now my 7 am start at my 1872 founded corporate job interrupted my regular body rhythm because I was used to not starting work before 10 am. With this in mind, my regular body functions were delayed which meant I had to handle my business at work.

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Like clock work I would go to the restroom a little before 10 am. So one morning, as I hit the corner after my morning move, my manager, sees me and looks at me as if I had been caught doing something wrong. She begins her silioque with, ” You disappear at the same time everyday! I do not understand why I cannot find you?…..something, something”…..I stopped listening all together and began to ask myself, ” Is she crazy? Aint it enough I come to work on time and bust my ass and now you stalking me at work, really….

I told her, ” If you must know, I have a bowel movement at the same time everyday and considering I have to be at work at 7 am, my usual 7:30 am bowel movement has been postponed to 9:45 am!” I went to my doctor after work to get a doctor’s note and he was beyond irritated that anyone would be harassed for having to use the restroom. I presented my manager with my doctors’ note and she turned red with embarrassment.  And from that day forward, anytime any of the managers would start stalking me at work and would ask me what I was doing…..I would say, ” Watching you watch me!”

Unlike most employees, I read the employee manual thoroughly, so I am competent in the rules of engagement, policy and procedures from the owners perspective, more often than not its managers and employees that cause corporations to be sued because of inappropriate behavior toward other employees. So as long as the corporate culture allows for 80% of its work force to be unengaged at work the more money they will pay in lawsuits!

And with all the advancements in technology can any tell me why in the year 2016 are we still using resumes to hire and find the best candidates for jobs-more bullshit. It’s like having a man who looks good on paper but can’t fuck!

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