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Do blondes have more fun?

Portrait of a beautiful young woman

A few years ago, I was given the pet name “Juicy” by a King, as we lay in bed fully clothed. I had intercepted him like a lost package after he got stranded in a New York airport coming from Canada to Los Angeles. After being rescued, he politely demanded that I spend the weekend with him at his hotel along with his chief advisor, as we lay in bed, our feet playing with one another, he began to look at me as if he was surveying me with pleasure without lust and he began to describe the way I looked, he said my hair was bouncey despite what the shampoo bottle blaringly reads,  “UNRULY!” Not that I had a problem with the label because my hair was wild and definitely fought to be free but somehow I bought into the label until he looked at me with the most loving eyes and profound appreciation for Kinks and Curls and then he declared with pure joy that I was “Juicy”.

He had come to this conclusion as he ran his fingers through my hair, as he placed each of his fingers through mine, as he touched my skirt lightly, he softly touched me from head to toe with gentle massages. As he rubbed my feet, he made his declaration that I was “Juicy!” And here- I was thinking that I needed to lose some weight and get in shape, seeing as I am a trained dancer, and have neglected my mistress for quite some time. Now before he made this statement I had a battle in my head from time to time that, something was wrong with my body.

Since that moment that he reminded me that he was a King and jokingly told me “You should be rubbing my feet”, I have always felt the love in the way he touched and spoke to me. He appreciated my body, my hair, my skin and my mind-all the while I would from time to time talk badly to myself about my body. But not bad enough to go to the gym, I’ve always hated PE because the gym and the locker room stinks of feet, must, ass, mold, sweat, and other things I just cant put my finger on it, I got it, it smells like a boy’s room going through puberty-you know the smell. And I don’t give a dam what the price tag is on the gym membership-they all have that same smell.’

So amongst hating the way gyms smell, what I find most intriguing is the way, the gym changes a woman’s body. Working out in the gym the way the fitness industry prescribes makes a woman’s body begin to look very masculine. I parallel this programming, with the way women have been encouraged to engage in the work environment- the push to take on a masculine role and abandon the feminine as a prototype for success. That being said, the summer is coming and we are bombarded with getting our bodies” bikini ready” but if “bikini ready” means, my body cant be soft, supple, curvy and “Juicy!” than I will have to rock the body I have.

Shit I look at myself butt whole naked everyday, several times a day and admire myself with the same approval and joy the King did. Dam, I’m Sexy and “Juicy!”