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Why outside validation is the gateway drug for self loathing

17 Feb 1943, Braddock, Pennsylvania, USA --- Original caption: Braddock, Pennsylvania: Targets For Today. This self explanatory signboard outside the U.S. Steel Corporation subsidiary at Braddock, Pa., is the ideal outlet for any seething hate you may feel for the baddies of the Axis. The sign makes a perfect target for some snowball throwing youngsters at the moment. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

I woke up this morning with an attitude-I was trying to sleep in but Shango woke me up to thunder so strong and loud I thought it might be the end of the world. He had been trying to get my attention for sometime seeing as he was feeling neglected. I got issues with some of his children-he promptly told me not to take it out on him. My apologies.

I said, all that to say, that if I hear one more supposed thought leader, business leader whom ever say ” Ashe!” or “Tribe!” I’m going to slap the shit out of somebody! Although, I was born in Los Angeles I was born into the Yoruba culture. I got tribal marks at age 4 years old and I remember that Ogun ceremony like it was yesterday up until the first slice to my face.

I was 4 years old walking to the well to get water to cook and to bathe with, hell even before the age of 4 I was carrying water and baskets of food and clothes on my head. I know what it is to live without electricity or running water and if pushed comes to shove I can hunt for my own food, I don’t want to but I know how and I didn’t learn it from the show Survivor.

I’ve lived the life that so many are trying to make a trend or a fade. He’ll I remember when Negros did not want to be African. I got cussed out as a child by adults disclaiming their heritage to the continent. He’ll I regulated myself to making up a lie just to deal with eg’nent ass niggas. Ask me how many times we were called African Booty Scratcher? Ask me how many children of the founders and pioneers of Oyotunji made up stories because the truth seemed stranger than fiction just to keep a nigga off your ass so you could have Peace and now niggas talkin bout, ” Ase!” Really? That’s why I love my cousin Derrick so much because he used to fuck people up for messing with me, my siblings and my cousins. He was always my protector.

So when the Color Purple came out and Negros acted a dam fool-protesting and shit I was relieved that the movie contained a scene of a girl getting tribal marks and the duality scene of Suge running to stop Celie from slicing Mr’s neck and the girl cringing awaiting her face to be cut is an accurate feeling you get right before the you shed blood.

Hear me clearly, this is not a passive culture, this is an accountability culture, where you gone have to answer to somebody. This ain’t no lady in waiting, see you in the after life business. All I got to say is everybody can git in the back of me cuz I was here first! The problem with humility is it causes you not to give credit or credence to your damn self and every time you wait on someone else to validate you, you run the risk of someone stealing your shit! Ase

22 Oct 2014 --- Woman eating cherries, close-up --- Image by © zerocreatives/Westend61/Corbis