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How does math and numbers relate to LOSING?

Today parents are way more fucked up than previous generations. Take ‘Play Dates’, for example, back in the day your kids going to spend time with another kid and their family meant that you got the chance to have time to yourself, it was free daycare, a time of respite for mothers. How do you fuck that up? Easy!……. by feeling the need to entertain another mother just so kids can play together.??? The Old Heads had it right!

I’m dropping my kid off for the allotted time and I am going to go enjoy myself and in return you can do the same at a later date but am I going to give up my free time and adult fun to hangout with you and your kid, hell naw because your invitation may be my only chance for free time if I haven’t been savvy enough to make sure I stay at the top of the food chain!

The fucking cuddling, over doing and giving to children does not prepare children for real life. The everybody gets a trophy, everybody is a winner approach is complete bullshit and getting a trophy after you have clearly lost does not take the pain and sting out of losing because LOSING FUCKIN SUCKS!!!!! I hate trophies, I hate certificates and I hate titles because they do not have any real meaningful value for ME!

Did it ever occur to reward people with things that have real meaning and value to them? You can give the person who likes a trophy a trophy and me a check……I can do something with a check and not a trophy but I digress! Giving trophies even in the face of Losing just makes children delusional! And because so many of us have not been taught how to WIN, we in turn do not know how to teach our own children to WIN!! In real life you will experience  victories and failures and they are both equally important.

The problem comes when we experience way more losing than winning, way more failures than successes ……….So how does being afraid of math and numbers relate to losing??? Somewhere along the line we get scared of Math and Numbers, somehow they become like monsters in the closet, they become things that you don’t want to look at. The truth is -Math- is the truth and numbers don’t lie however, people can and will manipulate numbers in favor for their own personal outcomes. If you have been Losing consistently for long periods of times it’s time to look at the Numbers.

50 YEARS IS JUST 2,500  WEEKENDS!!!!!!!

50 YEARS IS JUST 2,500 WEEKENDS!!!!!!!

50 YEARS IS JUST 2,500 WEEKENDS!!!!!!! 

With this reality and number in mind do we have time to be people pleasing, do we have time to be auditioning for roles and parts that we do not want, do we have time to keep doing and giving with little to no returns on our investments?? Now I found this video and if you are a female I want you to be open to consider applying whatever you think resonates with you. Although it may appear- at first he is speaking from a male perspective. However, if you actively listen……he is speaking from a human perspective.