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Milk and Honey, wara ati fun oyin



Love will let nothing stop it from achieving its purpose-The Sacred Forest



Iya (EEyah)=Mother

Yeye (Yeah Yeah)=Mother

Baba (Baa-Baa)=Father



Wara ati fun oyin: Prayer for Love and Peace

Iya of Love- please let my cries be significant to your ears for you are the one who responds quickly and effectively so that prayers are answered. Yeye although my earthly mother forsakes me- I am certain I can find solace and a soothing place in your bosom- Iya. For you are the protector of the poor, the mother of all orphans. When my cries for love and nourishment are ignored by the woman who carried me in her womb may you bring me laughter, lightness and abundance. May I attract love joy and prosperity.  With each step that I take toward my destiny may honey drip from my feet as I dance resistance and obstinance into extinction and meet complete cooperation and always be met with words of, ” What would you like me to do for you!” Ase

Baba of Peace-make me clearheaded so my heart remains fearless and beats as if it were a dancing feather so that I will embody patience. May patience and I become friends, may we mirror each other like twins. Give me clarity so that wisdom remains with me throughout my journeys and so I will feel safe and secure. May I be witnessed as patience so that I may gain attention and favor! Ase

Place as much honey as you think you will need in a gallon, a pint, a quart, a cup of milk or however much you decide you need. Shake well. Be careful not to let the milk be too cold or else it will give you a headache when you pour it unto your head. Contain the drippings off your head and hair, place a plastic cap on your hair and wrap your head in white. You can wrap it in a towel, a t-shirt, or white cloth. Leave it on for minutes, hours or overnight! You decide. Rinse out. Shampoo and style as usual. (Be careful getting the liquid in the eyes because honey stings)