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How bitches are made!

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Last week -I discussed, the difference between having and wanting. Today, I am going to talk about ” going without” and “doing without”. According to, the horse whisper of men Alison Armstrong -women are socialized and in some cases are biologically wired to put up with things that are not working for them.  And will sacrifice themselves and give up and go without, hoping that in the end they will get a commitment or receive the outcome they desired!

Now I want you to really think about that for a moment. We give up what we need and want in the moment for a future return with no guarantees of a return. How much energy do we expend in this kind of behavior? If as women, we are forgoing ” having” what we need and desires- what effect does that have on you as a person? Now add the amount of time you’ve ” gone without” and ” done without”-how has that effected you?

Sit with this for a minute until you get some answers and see if you come to the same conclusion I came to……..” This some Bullshit!”