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How to deal with ungrateful children!


Being a parent is a thankless job. Children don’t come with manuals and treating each child the same is dangerous because they all come with different needs. The first child is a real experiment and often times the one you make the most mistakes on. I’ve taken the job of motherhood as serious business and while I have made plenty of mistakes I did my best and my intentions were to teach my children that their lives belong to them and no one else.

Your children think you don’t know shit and at times I have found myself saying to my children, ” You would like me if, I had 5 baby daddies, with a host of boyfriends coming through here! I’d mean something to yall if was feeding your asses popcorn and kool-aid for dinner! You’d think I was smart and would listen to me had I not taught yo ass how to read!”

And we aint even go discuss dealing with your children when they get grown. Baby just sit back and wait for the day they have their own children that alone can ease the frustration of dealing with ungrateful, unappreciative, thank you don’t know shit children!

If you’ve managed to raise children without taking to substance abuse or have been able to resist the urge of beating the shit out of them (because it only makes their behavior worse) and if you’ve become a broken record over time and have managed to co-parent efficiently despite being divorced, never been married and or have managed to sustain a marriage and still be in love while raising children.

If you have managed to respect your children’s choices even when you know they are making the wrong decisions and have given them the space to grow and develop, give yourselves a pat on the back ( I secretly talk to my ex-husband more than I did when we were married because children are crafty and if you don’t communicate they will run circles around you). Plan a I did my best party, it doesn’t have to be elaborate but if you’ve managed not to super fuck up your children, then it deserves a celebration because your children most likely aint gon give you one!

I laugh as I remember my Yeye saying more like yelling at us growing up. ” If I had some piss you’d want it. if I had some shit, you’d want it- I caint have nothing-wit yall beggin asses!” Did it stop us from beggin-NO. Did it stop us from busting in the bathroom while she sat on the toilet-NO. Did it stop us from entering the restroom as she took a bath-NO, all the while beggin!

The most fun we had as children( with the exception of my youngest brother-he hated to hear yelling, although he laughed with us) was frustrating my Yeye into yelling because we loved to laugh at all the funny faces she made and we loved to hear the funny things that would come out of her mouth once we had successfully pushed her over the edge. So remember pay back is a Bitch!