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Stand up in it!



Put people and shit where they go-Me

I can’t stand good lying muthafuckas. Once you get grown grown your tolerance for bullshit wanes. Let me stop bullshitting I ain’t never really been able to tolerate or stomach bullshit cause you can’t never solve shit if muthafuckas lying.

Now I said, all that to say the best way to get more pussy and quality pussy at that is to tell the fucking truth. Grown ass men lying and telling females what they want to hear in order to get pussy is egregious!

Ain’t nothing sexier and more confident than a man who can put shit where it goes tell you what time it is and still be able to treat you right. Ain’t nothing worse than a nigga whose always out to get “Sympathy Pussy!”

Ain’t nothing better than when a Man can stand up in it! So tell the truth and who ever caint handle it …….will make room for those who can!