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We can level cities!

Irritation and aggravation subsided I had to refocus on my clarity and clarification that whatever fuckery, chicanery, and shenanigans other folks wanted to be on and stay in was not my desired goal or intention. I had spent way to many years in the land of dis Ease, un Pleased, Un Satisfied, in Congruent, and Un fucked well on a regular basis where a niggod just stands up I it!- dancing and marching to someone else’s beat and rhythm  leaving me broke, busted and disgusted that I vowed, ” Never Again!” And while there is a such thing as righteous anger what I do love about anger is it is an emotion that gets a person moving, it disrupts inertia. Now there can be collateral damage if the energy of anger in action isn’t transmuted.

Like fiery dragons, we can level cities but what happens when righteous anger moves us to level cities. Now we cannot enjoy ourselves because in our righteous indignation we have destroyed everything and must start a new and this is where anger turned to bitchiness goes wrong. Forgive yourself for all the cities you may have had to level no matter the catalyst behind muthafcukas having to get their asses singed and burnt knowing good dam well they deserve it but I digress!

Now that you have fucked everything up and you cannot go to the movies cuz you leveled that, that you cannot go to the Supermarket cuz you leveled that, that you cannot drive on the roads cuz you leveled them, that you cannot drive cuz you roasted those, that your children cannot go to school cuz you leveled them, etc…. cuz you leveled it…. by now you get my point.

And so what do we do and where do we go from here? Well you might want to check in with yourself and honor your own feelings and emotions before you get to the Tipping Point like she did before she leveled a building because build up will erupt! It might be time to pull out and watch that old movie Falling Down staring Michael Douglass to fully overstand that it is a thin line between sanity and insanity and you never know what the breaking point might be!