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Tomorrow-on the day after today-adverb

Tomorrow- the day after today-noun



For an extended amount of time something had been telling me to take a Krav Maga class. The voice was continuance-although,  I kept ignoring it until I lay flat on my back with someone laying on me on top of me weighing a good 200 pounds. As I lay helpless on the ground with this person laying on me I recalled the voice in my head and once I got up off the ground I thought this is why Krav Maga would have come in handy.

I will have to go into details about the entire shenanigans another time (God willing) because my left hand is not functioning because I finally went and took a class and my partners’ right foot put my left hand out of commission and I am typing this post with one hand. I don’t feel that bad because there were more men in the class than women and they all were struggling just as much as I was. The female partner I had was a beast and if you should meet her in an alley and she kicks you in the balls-you will lose the ability to produce children!

As I struggle to write this post with one hand, I am reminded that I almost self-sabotaged myself out of taking the class. These are the words that kept me focused and moving through all resistance and apprehension about taking the class……….


” Nobody ever touched a tomorrow in life, nobody ever experienced one, nobody ever saw one. Not because it’s out of reach because it doesn’t exist!

” You can only imagine tomorrow! You can only behold now, you can never behold tomorrow!”

” Tomorrow is a dream that will never come true! You can only imagine tomorrow.”

” You can know life only today. You can know life only now, the moment”

” Life and death will happen today!”

” Tomorrow never happened to anybody but the idea of tomorrow has robbed people!”

” Just the idea completely robs people of everything that could be life!”

” Most lives are not a reality, they’re just a psychological existence, they’re just a dream!”-Sadhguru