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#1 way to prevent identity theft-nail shit down!

Folks will steal yo shit if you don’t nail it down-Yeye

Each time that I doubt myself, feel less than, wonder if what I have to say is important I am reminded of the truth that people will say the things you do, the talents you have, the stories you tell aint shit and then them same Ratbastards will turn around and steal yo shit as you stew in self-doubt.

“You gotta nail shit down or folks gone steal your shit. If you want your shit you better nail it down!” My Yeye said, this slogan like a jingle for a commercial. I used to think for a long time my father was 5150 yet the older I got I learned my mother had my father beat. But as wild and out of control as they were when it came to real life advise and wisdom they made good sense and I listened to them even when they didn’t make sense. See your life got to catch up to your parents sayings and wisdom before they ever make any sense to you, that’s why the old heads say, ” Keep Livin!”

See good parents and great parents aren’t perfect-they fuck up alot along the way, however the good seeds they plant in you will help you grow roots so deep in the earth when this life tries to break you down and make you feel less than, not good enough or undeserving-after you shake the bullshit off caint nobody tell you shit.

This brings to mind, I have been wanting to write and talk about my cousin Derrick but I would have to mention how he broke out of jail and was on America’s Most Wanted at one time yet as much as I know it’s a true story, it sounds completely made up until I ran across this video. I was up late at night and had to get up early so I was thinking how  I could wake up the next morning without being bitchy on a couple of hours of sleep and this video sumed up what my Yeye always used to chant to me.

“You gotta nail shit down!”