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The high cost of foreign policy?

Studio shot of naked young woman smoking

I stayed in Harlem when I went to New York so  and many of the dudes in that area remind me of Black Rob and that song Whoa! I almost got into trouble on my way out, the last 4 days- I was there I was around some of the sexiest, good looking men, it restored my hope because the only guys for almost a month I saw that were yummy were white boys, dam the white boys got major Swag in NYC and I can’t say that about L.A. white boys as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of fine white boys in L.A. but I have never wanted to put any of them in the “He can get it” category if you know what I mean.

This trip back to New York was way different, I had fun….I enjoyed myself. The last time I was in New York was some years ago –I had gone with my husband at the time and he was acting like a lunatic because he didn’t have any weed. It was a nightmare he kept cussing me out because I had refused to put weed wrapped in plastic wrap up my vagina to get it through the airport and on the plane. I have yet to have a tampax in my pussy, yet some how I was supposed to be willing to traffic drugs in my pussy from Los Angeles to NYC. He acted such a dam fool, I almost wished I had but the visual of a big ass growling german Shepard barking with saliva running down his mouth with his nose pointed at my vagina was enough to scare me straight. He’ll Naw.

This time in NYC, I read Pearle Cleage’s  book ,”All The Things I Should Have Told My Daughter ” and she talks about getting stoned and writing. I mostly loved all the Bruce Springsteen concerts she writes about. I was fascinated by her ability to get stoned. I’ve smoked weed before but most of the time it was a waste of time because I never felt europhic or felt high like most weed heads. Weed makes me feel intense and think too much, shit I’m intense sober so imagine its strength on weed-its a super hero. That being said, I have continued over the years to try weed every blue moon.

The only weed that made me happy, as if I took a happy pill was Thai Bud from Thailand, that shit was bomb digidee. All you wanted to do was smile. I started smoking it at work when I worked for Ticketmaster. Yep, that’s right, the Quality Assurance Manager, the very one who used to listen to our calls and hound us like an overseer was the Dope Man…… more like Dope Girl. That job was so stressful, you wouldn’t believe -but it wasn’t until ; I went down to work on the 6th floor, the New York call center, that I learned this secret and was able to feel and understand what it meant to get HIGH!!!

I don’t know what trade embargo the US put against Thailand and why the weed stopped but Mexico became the major supplier of weed, which brought in that dam Chronic, yuk! For the most part, I have been afraid to do drugs which is why I didn’t go past weed. Once Crack hit the scene and I saw what it did to people, I was completely turned off from the idea that you worked from sun up to sun down chasing rocks and that just seemed like way too much work and all the jobs you had to be willing to take and perform really scared me straight. Plus all the crazy stories that have been told to me by people who’ve taken serious drugs and it leaves me asking, ” If you encountered all of that, why get high?”

I will explain later……..